Tomb Raiders

Receipt: from level 16. No restrictions. No initiation.



Fergus the Pathfinder  Ortego the Pathfinder



Description:  Dark dungeons of abandoned castles, underground crypts where the remains of great leaders and illustrious heroes lie, immersed in the darkness of mountain caves – a repository of priceless treasures and rare artefacts, sought by desperate tomb raiders. True pathfinders do not fear danger, risks and difficulties only serve to encourage them in their attempts to reach their precious goals. This is why the Forbidden City has always tempted intrepid explorers, but only two were able to find the secret path to it:  Fergus the Pathfinder from Rocky Ranges and  Ortego, who was born in a land called Volcano's Edge. These bold and decisive tomb raiders were able to enter the ancient Zarlog city and discover that much of it has turned to ruins. The few descendants of the warriors who founded the legendary city fortress continue to this day to defend its borders. Anyone who knows the sacred path can enter the Forbidden City, but only the very bravest and skilled warriors will manage to get out alive. 

If you feel an irrepressible craving for adventure and want to explore unchartered territory, you should head straight to the Tomb Raiders. If they consider you worthy, the daredevil pathfinders  Ortego and  Fergus, will teach you their tricks and share secrets with you about how to survive in the Forbidden City of the Zarlogs and obtain precious scales, from which one of the strongest types of armour in Faeo can be made.


To obtain one of the unique armour sets, you need to collect a number of Zarlog Scales of a certain type and acquire armour frame from  Bratwell the Brave or  Erding the Undaunted. The stronger the warrior you fight against in the Forbidden City the stronger and more valuable the scales obtained will be. 


Any warrior that has reached level 16 can join the fearless Tomb Raiders.



Instance bosses





River Keeper [16]

50 +10 Tomb Raider Reputation (to 500)


Priest [17]

50 +10 Tomb Raider Reputation (to 1000)


Chastener [18]

50 +10 Tomb Raider Reputation  (to 2000)


Mentor [18]

50 +10  Tomb Raider Reputation (to 2500)


Skull Hunter [20]

50 +10  Tomb Raider Reputation (to 3000)









(1) to 500


(1) to 1000


(1) to 2000


(1) to 2500


(1) to 3000




Rewards available in the armoury















Rings and amulets


To create amulets and rings from base and stones, you will need::
1. A ring or amulet base in your backpack;
2.  Elt Cube;
3. 5 precious stones of the same colour in your backpack:  Small Stone of Destruction, or Small Stone of Inaccessibility, or Small Stone of Inexorability, or Small Stone of Concentration, or Small Stone of Inviolability, which you can obtain by defeating the monsters (the level of which is not below16) that live at the  Volcano's Edge and in the  Craggy Edge;
4. Store them inside the cube;
5. Conduct the fusion;
6. You will get a powerful ring or amulet to your disposal depending on the base and stones that you used.



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