May Mess 

May time in Faeo is wonderful like never. Animals and birds are enjoying the warm rays of the sun, humans and magmars with pleasure turn their faces to the gentle spring breeze and recall their favourite places in the woods, so that with their friends to go out for a pleasant stroll. The fans of fresh berries shake out the dust and cobwebs of the baskets, planning a whole week of «berry hunting», because in the first days of May mature the amazing Oilberries.


Event run time:

The exact time of event's end can be seen in game in the 'Events' tab.


May - May Mess
Event Quest Guide


Do you want to know more about the event quests? Feeling lost? Or maybe you'd like to prepare for the celebrations in advance?

Make sure to check out  Crackerjacks' Seasonal Events FAQ!

Corvus Invasion


Please note: as of 2022, the event has been simplified: Wild Corvus have been withdrawn from locations. To get additional event tokens, use the «Monster Murder» quest, which can be obtained from the elders in the city squares.


Only seven days a year, out of the ground shoot up the sprouts of the Oilberries, shed their tender buds and pour with juice the fragrant berries.  But at the same time also go out for hunting Wild Corvuses – the lovers of the tender sprouts. 



Scare away the Corvuses, in order to provide the inhabitants of Faeo with rich harvest of the Oilberries.
 Paws off the Oilberries!
Reward for 5 scared away CorvusesCarved Flame Token x10
Unusual Bouquet


 Unusual bouquet for the herbologist




The life force of the Oilberries is so great,  that even if dried, their flowers are able to save their healing properties for a whole year and generously give them to the decoctions and infusions.  


The Herbologists  Foglio and  Herbier will gladly take from you Bouquet of Oilberry Flowers in order to create the healing infusions.
Quest is accessible to warriors from level 3.
Accessible: every hour.
Reward: Carved Flame Token


 Unusual bouquet for flower grower




 Leolina the Fairy and  Serafim the Gnome can't find the peace with themselves, because they want to make the most beautiful and unusual wedding bouquet. The tender Oilberry Flowers are a perfect match for it, but to get them is not so easy.



Bring to  Leolina the Fairy and  Serafim the Gnome  Bouquet of Oilberry Flowers, and they will generously reward you.
Quest is accessible to warriors from level 3.
Accessible: every hour.
Reward: Carved Flame Token

 Unusual bouquet for milady



Miladies  Marietta and  Magdalen are dreaming to adorn their outfit with fragrant Oilberry Flowers, which fragrance awakens the imagination and reduces the fatigue. 
Make the bouquets of  tender flowers for them and you will see how generous the capricious Miladies can be.


Quest is accessible to warriors from level 3.
Accessible: every hour.
Reward: Carved Flame Token
For handing in 10 bouquets you will get a reward:
3-5 levels: May Totem I
6-8 levels: May Totem II
9-10 levels: May Totem III
11-13 levels: May Totem IV
14+ levels: May Totem V
Oilberry Harvest


The Rulers   Pireney and  Onufir supply the warehouses and greet the warriors.




For short put aside the swords, in order to scare away the nasty Wild Corvuses, and to thin out the dense growth, so after you can carefully pick large, heavy berries, filling with them your basket. 



Stocks, gathered by warriors, will be enough for the whole year: from the Oilberry can be obtained amazingly delicious jam and juice.
Quest is accessible for warriors from level 3.
Accessible: Constantly
For 100 handed in berries - Carved Flame Token x3
For 200 handed in berries - Carved Flame Token x7
For 400 handed in berries - Carved Flame Token x15
For 800 handed in berries - Carved Flame Token x35
Attention! The maximum amount of handing in the Oilberry is 1600 berries a day.
Forest guards farm


 Hawken and  Vaslav the Ranger are concerned about the annual harvest of Oilberries!



They offer you a profitable deal: you do not participate in the collection of Oilberries and get 30 Carved Flame Tokens for it as a form of gratitude! The beasts are happy and you get the profit.

Quest for warriors from level 3.
Accessible: daily.
Rewards: Carved Flame Token x30
Monster Murder


The elders  Verkiry and  Baguronare troubled. During the May Mess, residents have completely forgotten about the dangers threatening peaceful settlements.



Slay monsters and the elder will reward you with special tokens.

Quest for warriors from level 3.
Accessible: daily.
Rewards: Carved Flame Token x20
Making the Origami


A gust of the wind whiffed through the shutters of the  Pandrik and  Flavviy homes and in the middle of the spring cleaning, the light fragments of origamis scattered throughout the whole Faeo. 



Help the Wise men to collect the colored fragments and in return you will receive wonderful gifts for your friends.


And the most diligent masters might be lucky enough to learn the secret of creating the Fascinating Origami.
The scraps of origami can be obtained by hunting monsters whose level is equal or not more than 1 level below yours. Also you can gather the scraps in the hunt mode. 40 corners or 25 edges of the scraps can be exchanged for 1 random central fragment of origami.
Quest is accessible for warriors from level 3.
Accessible: Constantly
Reward: for creating the Fascinating Origami you get Carved Flame Token x25
May battles

Participate in battles and receive Carved Flame Tokens depending on your place in the result of the battles.

Attention! You'll receive the reward only for the victory.
Tallaar Halls 1-5  Carved Flame Token*
Caves, Caves of equals 10  Carved Flame Token
Temple, Temple of Equals  Carved Flame Token
Arena, Arena of Equals  Carved Flame Token
Meridian Vaults  Carved Flame Token
Chaotic battles  Carved Flame Token

* Depending on the place in the results table.
Little Dragon Urchi greets May


What is happening during the event is of great interest to the inquisitive Dragon Urchi. Do not forget to talk to him and help in understanding the world of Faeo.



Quest accessible to warriors from level 3.
Available: daily
Reward: Carved Flame Token x5
Seasons deck

By using the deck you will receive:  
Attention! You can use the deck 1 time a day during the active stage of the event.
Ways of obtaining the Carved Flame Tokens


1) One time quests creating the Fascinating Origami (for players level 5 and up)

2) Recurring activities:
- stage Corvus Invasion - for 5 scared away Corvuses;
- stage Oilberry flowering - Unusual bouquet for the herbologist; Unusual bouquet for flower grower; Unusual bouquet for milady;
- stage Oilberry Harvest - delivery of berries to the Rulers Pireney and Onufir

3) Daily quests "Forest guards farm" (restrict participation in the collection of Oilberries) and "Monster Murder"

4) Victory on Battlefields during "May battles"

5) Completing the task "Little Dragon Urchi greets May"

6) Using "Seasons deck"



Completing the tasks you will receive a variety of achievements, that are available only during the time of event:


Rare bouquets for experts Bug in the backpack!  Oilberry, I found you!  Whole Basket of Oilberries May - Make Origami May - Busy bees


Don't forget about achievements for the seasonal food:


Juicy shashlik - a tasty treat! Innkeeper, 100 portions of juicy shashlik! Once you taste the shashlik you just can’t stop! Nearly a thousand portions of shashlik Hide the kebabs - I am coming!  Are there any kebabs left in Faeo? I will finish them at dinner! Legendary kebab eater

New seasonal achievements await you as well:


May Arhas Beastmaster Under the May Banner! Warrior’s Silk Road Favour of the Jade Monkey May Offering to the Crimson Roc Melted Sickle Memory Gifts of Garnet Acorn

Supreme Spirit’s Assistant: May Mechanical Tuver Assembly: May Tamer of the Time-Lost Battle Tuver: May Tamer of the Time-Lost Battle Tuver: May




You can get special May bags from  Chigrik the Thief and  Gloum the Swindler, who live in  Glade of Dreams and  Barrow of Sadness, for gold and diamonds. They contain 75 pcs of Carved Flame Token.



Attention! Each bag can be purchased only once!
Attention! Bags will be available for purchase during the rewards stage.




In Curiosities Shop at City Fairs Carved Flame Token can be exchanged for various goods:


Reward Cost
5 1
50 50

no more than 1 pc.


no more than 5 pcs.

no more than 10 pcs.

no more than 1 pc.

5 30

no more than 5 pcs.


Maximum 185 pcs per clan


Attention! After the end of the sale of rarities in Curiosities Shop, remaining pieces of Carved Flame Token can be exchanged only for the seasonal food.


Please note that after the end of the event all quest items will be deleted: Bouquet of Oilberry Flowers, Krimkhrum, Oilberry, Anti-bug Potion and  Origami fragments.


May Mess in Faeo – a real feast for those, who like to achieve their goals and at the same time to have a great time with their congenial friends!




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