Basic Sets


Leather set Lvl 1-5


Light Buckler

Leather Cuisses

Leather Boots

Linen Shirt

Leather Vest

Leather Pauldrons

Leather Bracers

Leather Helmet

Set bonus:




Hunter set Lvl 3-5

Hunter Axe

Hunter Light Buckler

Hunter Cuisses

Hunter Boots

Hunter Padded Shirt

Hunter Vest

Hunter Pauldrons

Hunter Bracers

Hunter Helmet

Set bonus: 

5 items:

  +8 protection

  +8 vitality

9 items:

  +13 protection

  +13 vitality



Cutthroat set Lvl 3-5

Cutthroat Broadsword

Cutthroat Reinforced Buckler

Cutthroat Cuisses

Cutthroat Boots

Cutthroat Padded Shirt

Cutthroat Vest

Cutthroat Pauldrons

Cutthroat Bracers

Cutthroat Helmet

Set bonus:

5 items:
  +8 strength
  +8 intuition
9 items:
   +13 strength
   +13 intuition



Ringmail Armor set Lvl 6-10

Sesquilateral Sword

Massive Shield

Ringmail Cuisses

Ringmail Boots

Ringmail Cuirass

Ringmail Vest

Ringmail Pauldrons

Ringmail Bracers

Ringmail Helmet

Set bonus:




Underwater set Lvl 6-20


Underwater cuisses

Underwater boots

Underwater chainmail

Underwater cuirass

Underwater pauldrons

Underwater gauntlets

Underwater helmet

Set bonus:




Steel Armor set Lvl 16-20

Steel Staff

Steel Cuisses

Steel Boots

Steel Cuirass

Steel Chainmail

Steel Pauldrons

Steel Bracers

Steel Helmet

Set bonus:

5 items:
  + 68 strength
  + 15 intuition
  + 49 wisdom
8 items:
  + 86 strength
  + 22 intuition
  + 59 wisdom



Mirror Armor set Lvl 16-20

Mirror Sword

Mirror Dagger

Mirror Cuisses

Mirror Boots

Mirror Chainmail

Mirror Cuirass

Mirror Pauldrons

Mirror Bracers

Mirror Helmet

Set bonus:

5 items:
  + 68 strength
  + 15 agility
  + 49 wisdom
9 items:
  + 86 strength
  + 22 agility
  + 59 wisdom



Burnished Armor set Lvl 16-20

Burnished Mace

Burnished Shield

Burnished Cuisses

Burnished Boots

Burnished Armor

Burnished Cuirass

Burnished Pauldrons

Burnished Bracers

Burnished Helmet

Set bonus:

5 items:
  + 60 vitality
  + 15 protection
9 items:
  + 73 vitality
  + 22 protection




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