A battlefield is a valuable location for both Humans and Magmars. One Human and one Magmar team of the same size can participate in a battle at any time, the size of the team depending on the battlefield. There can be an unlimited number of battlefields at any time, but warriors can only participate in a battlefield with other warriors of their level group.

There are following level groups: 3-4, 5-6, 7-8, 9-10, 11-12, 13-14, 15-16, 17-18 and 19-20.

You must queue up to join a battlefield. The queue button can be found on the battlefields description pages, which can be found by clicking this button:





At the same time you can register in several queues to different battlegrounds at the same time. When you confirm your participation in one, you will be automatically unregistered from all other battlegrounds.



If you are in a group, all group members must queue up in the entrance together with the group leader. When there are enough warriors on each side to form a team, the warriors will enter the battlefield and battle shall commence.

While at the entrance, you can always see how many warriors are queuing on each side, as well as the number of current battles among warriors of your level group:



Warning! All group members queuing when the battle begins will always enter the same battlefield copy.

If warriors abandon the battlefield during battle:

- they will be banned from entering the battle for one hour

- their place will be taken by another warrior from the queue


*if you leave the game, you will leave the battlefield and not be able to participate in another one for one hour.


Each battlefield has its own rules and conditions for victory. Once a team fulfills the necessary conditions, they will win the battle and receive their reward. The losing team will also be rewarded, but to a lesser extent. If a battle ends with a draw, both teams will receive the same reward.


Here you can find the additional bonuses for the battlegrounds. On Saturday, Warriors will receive double the Prize Valour for victory on all battlegrounds.

Every battlefield is closed down after some time. If neither team manages to fulfill the conditions necessary for victory before that time, the battle will end and victory will be awarded to the team closest to victory.

Aside from the end-of-battle rewards, you can also receive rewards for certain tasks on the battlefield which lead to victory (for example, exchanging crystals).


All negative effects received on the battlefield will be removed when you exit the battlefield.
This excludes flight from the battlefield, in which case the effects will remain!


If you have negative effects, such as an injury, a curse or a ball and chain, you will not be able to fight on the battlefield.


If you receive an injury, curse or ball and chain at the moment you apply to join the battlefield, but before you confirm it, you should cancel the application as the negative effects will not be removed after the battle ends.





When you are on a battlefield, you can use the map to orientate yourself and see where your teammates are.



To view a list of the teams and the current score, use the statistics button on the battlefield map.



Attention, these are multiserver battlegrounds. If you participate in a battle on the home server and leave that server before the end of the battle and switch to another server to participate in the battleground, you will not receive any experience, audacity, or other rewards for that battle!


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