Fighters against Shiass

Available: from Level 14. Sacral knowledge of level 3. During the Return of the Fallen Gods quest from Lake Hermit and  Forest Hermit


Once upon a time zarlogs of the Meridian lands used to worship seven gods. Mighty ancestors of the tribe, Shaat, Shey, Shahs, Eshu, Hizis, Zar and Zor, taught the lizards the art of the war and their shamans - witchcraft. Later on, one of them, Eshu, started to crave for power and began to weave the intreagues, in order to become first among his peers. But the other gods revealed his plan and decided to send Eshu to the death by poisoning him with enchanted drink. The god fell asleep and was buried in an underground sanctuary, but he did not die. His spirit, after reaching the gates of the land of the dead, returned back to the poisoned body. Recognising the poison of the gods and their secret spell effect, it has become a new sourse of destructive power - Shiass



This filth, like breathing demon, began to leak out of the grave of Eshu through the earth and stones, weakening the rest of the deities and depriving their minds. Then, being led by shamans, zarlogs rebelled against their mad ancestors. Lizards only by miracle managed to win the terrible battle and expel the gods to the underground dungeons, where they became the slaves of motionless Eshu



Many great warriors and shamans died during that war! But to be slained by god gives the warrior a particular fame - his spirit becomes a patron of the tribe. The path to the Altar, dedicated to one of these heroes, know  Lake Hermit and  Forest Hermit, who live in the Isles of Swirling Mist. The name of this spirit is Shaat-has, which means «To fight with Shaat», because he was killed in the battle with this goddess, whose tail could cut in half the mountain and the forked tongue pierce through the chest of adult warrior. 



The fury of Eshu since then has not faded and the filth continues to trickle from the depths, where the body of damned deity is hidden. Therefore, the spirit of Shaat-has appeals from his Altar to the fearless warriors, so they can stand on the way against Shiass and prevent the return of the mad and vengeful deities.
Your first battle with Shiass you will have under leadership of Shaat-has – the spirit of the hero from the past, who knows the tactics of fighting with the filth. Remember, that to talk to this hero you need to have the Sacral knowledge of level 3
Having the necessary volume of sacral knowledge you will receive from Shaat-has a special tutorial - Thesaurus, which will give you access to the Creature of Filth Lair and and Lethal Crossroads, where the filthy creature is hidding. Follow the instructions of Shaat-has, and you will learn how to extract Shiass Shards, from the filthy monsters, convert them into Particles and to clean them with help of Bowl of Purification, releasing the Shiass Substance
Be careful, because in the process of cleaning Shiass you will have to fight with the powerful spirit! 
As was already noted, for getting Shiass Substance you will need the Bowl of Purification. The amount of Shiass Particles needed for the ritual and the amount of received in process Substance depends on the type of the bowl. 

Bowls of Purification 


Bowl type

Necessary amount of Shiass Particles

Received amount of Shiass Substance

150 4-6

200 6-8

300 10-12
450 17-19
600 24-26


In addition, killing monters and destroying Shiass shards, you will earn Fighters against Shiass reputation points. 

Getting Reputation 


Monster level


Reputation amount Reputation limit


20 300


20 500


20 1000
17 20 1500
18 20 2000
19 20 2500
20 20 3000



 Spark of Heavenly Fires
You can increase your reputation using Spark of the Heavenly Fires. You can hand it to the NPC who initiated you to the reputation. 1 Spark of the Heavenly Fires will give you  70 reputation points.
Attention! Here are the restrictions for getting the reputation:
For level 16: reputation can be increased up to 1000
For level 17: reputation can be increased up to 1500
For level 18: reputation can be increased up to 2000
For level 19: reputation can be increased up to 2500




The amount of Shiass Particles you can receive by destroying the Shards, depends on the level of this reputation. 













Obtaining Shiass Particles


Monster level

No medal


Friendship Respect Honor Worship


40 57 58 60 62 65


75 112 144 147 151 154


138 211 277 336 355 375
17 164 245 322 356 374 395
18 195 302 401 599 660 723
19 242 364 478 722 864 969
20 281 418 565 844 1125 1450





You also can increase the reputation of Fighters against Shiass by using the appropriate Fighters of Shiass Fibula, participating in Chaotic battles.

Can only be used in Scorched Lands before the start of a Chaotic Battle.
If you are victorious in this battle, you will receive +20 Fighters of Shiass reputation, but if you are defeated, you will get just +10.

Number of uses: 1.
Duration: to the end of Chaotic Battles, but no more than 24h.

To use it you need at least 500 Fighting Shiass reputation. Increases reputation to 1000 for level 16 warriors, to 1500 for level 17 warriors, to 2000 for level 18, 2500 for level 19 and 3000 for level 20




The higher your reputation and Sacral knowledge is, the more rare Thesaurus you can obtain. The new Thesauruses contain the necessary information, that is needed to hunt stronger filthy monsters in the Isles of Swirling Mist and in the Meridian lands:  





Necessary skill of Sacral knowledge

Necessary amount of Shiass Substance

3 is obtained during the passage of the quest 

5 5

8 11
11 25
14 100
17 150
20 300


Now you know how to fight with Shiass. Kill the filthy monsters and obtain the Substance - you can exchange it for the rewards at the Altar.











19 250
20 400



 Eshu Followers Deck



The spirit of Shaat-has knows the secret way of invoking filthy monsters  with the help of a special deck for playing Conlegret. Owners of the complete set of cards Eshu Followers Deck can use the magic of the deck to fight with one of the monsters contaminated with Shiass once a week and enhance the reputation of the Fighters against Shiass.




We wish you a pleasant game! 



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