Hot keys are keys or the combinations of several keys, with which you can perform tasks without using a computer mouse. They can be more convenient in combat.

The list of keys and actions for which they respond is given in this table:

Action Key
Blow from above Q / UP
Blow forward W / RIGHT
Blow from below E / DOWN
Block R / LEFT
Skipping blow Space
Switching normal / spell blow Tab
Spell 1 Q
Spell 2 W
Spell 3 E
Spell 4 R
Spell 5 T
Spell 6 A
Spell 7 S
Spell 8 D
Spell 9 F
Spell 10 G
Pocket 1 1
Pocket 2 2
Pocket 3 3
Pocket 4 4
Pocket 5 5
Pocket 6 6
Previous Belt [
Next Belt ]
Combat Backpack B
Mount M
Glaze 1 T
Glaze 2 Y
Glaze 3 U
Glaze 4 I
Choosing yourself on the battle list Z
Selecting enemy in the battle list X
Using the banner in battle >
Quick pocket 1 Shift + 1
Quick pocket 2 Shift + 2
Quick pocket 3 Shift + 3
Quick pocket 4 Shift + 4
Quick pocket 5 Shift + 5
Quick pocket 6 Shift + 6
Quick pocket 7 Shift + 7
Bow Skill 1 H
Bow Skill 2 J
Bow Skill 3 K
Bow Skill 4 L
Bow Skill 5 P


Note! You can adjust the order of the bow skills according to your wishes by dragging and dropping.
To do this, go to the "Combat skills" area and the "Bow skills" section. This option is only available if you have equipped a bow.




Attention! To use hot keys, you have to choose it in the personal settings of your character.





You can also select "Automatically switch to the battle screen" option in the preferences, then you will be able to use the hotkeys as soon as the battle starts.


We wish you a pleasant game!




Last updated: May 2023



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