History Books

Faeo has unique manuscripts that are not only pleasing in appearance and hold a place on their owner’s bookshelves, but also possess useful properties.  

You can obtain folios by hunting level 5 and above monsters or superbeings, including those summoned with the Conlegret game deck and slain in different events.  After killing superbeings you receive a 50% chance to obtain a  Saga for each participant of the group.
Note! When conquering Cerberus and Wolfer superbeings, manuscripts will go to a maximum of two group participants.

There are four types of folios and each has its own value.



Types of books and  their life times



Type of book

Life time


30 days


60 days


90 days



120 days



Research folios contain special magic that can upgrade several characteristics for their owners. 



Magmar Research

Human Research

Obtained Effect





 Executioner’s Blessing given for 1 hour, increasing  Executioner profession level by 30. The effect is obtained even in the absence of  Executioner profession.


Number of uses: 3






Activates random metamorphosis elixir, changing the image of a character in combat.


Number of uses: 10

Provides a blessing for 1 hour that will increase character durability. Blessing depends on the character level:


level 5-7
level 8-10
level 11-13
level 14-15
level 16+


Number of uses: 10






Heals all character wounds


Number of uses: 2





Applies invisibility effect for 15 minutes


Number of uses: 1





Provides invulnerability blessing for 2 hours, with an identical effect to the  Invulnerability Potion. The same restrictions apply as with the use of the  potion.


Number of uses: 4


In addition, blow absorption scrolls will appear in the character’s backpack when using the book. Scroll value depends on the character level:

level 7


level 8


level 9


level 10


level 11


level 12


level 13


level 14


Manuscripts describe the following regions:
 Daylight Square, Wirgold Estate, Foot of the Barrow, Domain of Winds, Wind Rose, Exiles' Fortress. 
 Bottomless Crack,  Manor of Budrimakh, Eclipse Thicket, Haldebor Fortress, Eldive Outpost, Gorge of Gondi.
A collection of six folios from one series can be exchanged for one random book from another higher value series.  
 Essays and sagas are exchanged directly from the backpack and you do not have to move to a special location. To exchange you need  6 different books from one series (same colour). 
 Histories are exchanged in the Old Library at Fortress of Captivity (Isles of Fay-Go). To exchange you need  6 different books from one series (same colour). 
6 different essays can be exchanged for one random saga;
6 different sagas can be exchanged for one random history;
6 different histories can be exchanged for one random research;
If you are a book short of a full collection you can exchange with other players. You can only exchange folios of one series: an essay for an essaya saga for a sagaa history for a history. Books from the Research series cannot be transferred or exchanged.


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