Battlefield Requirements
Requirements are for the below mentioned battlefields/instances:
- Crystalline Caves
- Ancient Temple of the Chosen
- Arena of the Underground Knights
- Cave Tournament
- Gates of Chaos
- Tallaar’s Halls
- Ancient Plateau
- Battlefield of Equals
- Chaotic Battles
- Hand of the Abyss / Hand of the Sky
- Plateau during Magic Storms or other PvP events
Level Minimum*
2-4 at least 3 items
5-6 at least 4 items, at least one has to be green or higher
7-8 at least 4 items, only 1 item out if these 4 may be grey
9-10 at least 5 items, only 1 item out of these 5 may be grey
11-12 at least 5 items, items have to be green or higher
13-15 at least 6 items, items have to be green or higher
* Bows, quivers, rings, and amulet, as well as blessings, belts, and style armour
do not count towards the minimum requirements.


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