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In the world of Faeo, brave warriors can prove themselves in many ways whether on or off the battlefield. To complete quest tasks, create battle potions or artifacts, and earn more coins by getting a useful profession. Each warrior can learn one gathering, one manufacturing and one additional profession.


From level 3 you can choose a profession that gives you certain advantages in the game. Some professions are more compatible with other professions. In the first profession you procure the resources (gathering profession), while in the second you process them (manufacturing profession).

However, you don't necessarily have to choose the appropriate production profession, you can also choose other combinations. You can also sell your resources or manufactured items in the War of Dragons auction, for example, if you don't need them yourself.
Besides these combination professions, there are three additional professions. You can choose one of them.
Note: If you have chosen one gathering, one manufacturing or one additional profession, you cannot learn the others! (Unless you renounce your profession - more about this in the detailed profession descriptions). So think about what you want to be beforehand.

Once you have chosen a profession, you must first complete the associated quest before you can learn the profession. This quest will be given to you by your teacher. You will also have to buy the necessary tools for the first profession (more about this in the detailed profession descriptions).

Have fun with your apprenticeship! 



The profession of geologist involves the exploration for useful minerals, the search, gathering, and study of various rock formations along with semi-precious and precious stones. The profession is taught by  Tiyery and  Gesteyn.
Resources gathered by geologists  are used by jewellers to craft talismans and runes.
Herbologists study the flora of the world Feo and collects plants, grasses and flowers. The profession of the geologist is taught by  Herbier and  Foglio.
The resources obtained by herbologists are used by alchemists to produce elixirs and herbal mixture.
The fisherman fishes for fish, which are used not only for food, but also for the production of magic scrolls. The profession of the fisherman is taught by  Vylis and  Nathan.
Resources gathered by fishermen are used by sorcerer to create ink.

The alchemist searches for the philosopher's stone and makes battle elixirs that improve your skills in battle. The profession of the alchemist is taught by  Veddun and  Cagliostro.
The jeweller deals with the processing and cutting of precious stones, the production and improvement of magical runes. The profession of the jeweller is taught by the  Esmeril and  Korundum.
The sorcerer makes magical battle scrolls that can save one's life in battle. The profession of the sorcerer is taught by the   Khorsungum the Mage und  Arnabag the Mage.


The executioner's profession – this is the art of inflicting injuries of varying severity. To fully master this, it is necessary to constantly use the skill in battles with the enemy. Executioners can become warriors from level 6, the profession is taught by  Fanatic Agonnnyy and the  Black Knight.
Healers devote their lives to alleviating the suffering of others. They travel the world helping warriors recover from injuries caused by monsters and executioners. The healer profession can be learned by warriors of level 4 or higher from  Samuel the Cleric and   Pymen the Monk.

The Locksmith profession allows its owner to deftly open locked boxes and chests, and also to free the warriors from the shackles placed by the Bringers of Evil. Locksmiths can become a warrior from the 3rd level, the profession is taught by  Ostap the Craftsman and  Soygura the Craftswoman.


An experienced craftsman always needs space to store all the necessary resources and workpieces. So that the fruits of labor and tools are not lost among the military items, uses the artisans bags.


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