February: Awakening of Feelings!

St. Valentine's Day is a day, that one wishes to celebrate over and over again! Nothing could make a warrioress happier than a long awaited Valentine's Day message from a fellow warrior, who has finally noticed her. Or maybe you want to share your feelings with a modest girl? You don't have to shy away - on this day everyone could find their soulmate, with whom it would be much funnier to wander the vast lands of Faeo.



Event run time:

The exact time of event's end can be seen in game in the 'Events' tab.

February - Awakening of feelings!
Event Quest Guide


Do you want to know more about the event quests? Feeling lost? Or maybe you'd like to prepare for the celebrations in advance?

Make sure to check out  Crackerjacks' Seasonal Events FAQ !

Scarlet Hearts

The main begetter of St. Valentine's day, the restless Tindoline the Fairy, who is located at the City Fair, asks you for a small favour. Being overwhelmed with preparations, the flying beauty has totally forgotten to send Valentine cards to some of the residents of Faeo.



Hand Valentine cards over to Faeo residents and Tindoline the Fairy will thank you.

Quest for warriors that have reached level 3.
Accessible: one time
Reward: Carved Heart x15

Attention! This is a starter task - you have to complete it in order to complete other tasks during the event.

Weapon of Love

Sheara is willing to grant a magic weapon to any warrior. The power of the weapon is to absorb the fear, the hatered, and the rage of this world, bestowing love on everybody. The effect of this weapon enables its user to pick Fragrant Kiss Flowers.



Use the magic bow and arrows to allow your allies pick Fragrant Kiss Flowers.



Quest for warriors that have reached level 3.
Accessible: every 6 hours
Bouquet of Kiss-Me-Quicks

Herbologists  Herbier and  Foglio, who are located at the City Square of  Dartong and  O'Delvays will exchange your Fragrant Kiss Flowers for Bouquet of Kiss-Me-Quicks.




You will need 9 flowers to create a bouquet:

Quest for warriors that have reached level 3.
Accessible: constantly
Gift of Love

 Commander Norias, who is located at   Smoky Knolls, and   Centurion Mekden in  Free Meadows need warriors' help, as they have hard times expressing their feelings.




The warmasters will generously reward you for the help.


Quest for warriors that have reached level 3.
Accessible: one time
Reward: Carved Heart  x15
Love Potion

Beauties  Layla and  Amelie need your help. Visit  The Gurraldiy's Head Pub or  Mary's Tavern and help these gorgeous ladies gather resources for the Love Potion, they will give you a generous reward in return.




Beauties can make love potion themselves, but they will need your help to collect all the required resources.


Quest for warriors who have reached level 3.
Accessible: every 24 hours (respawned at midnight)
Fatal charm


Valentine’s Day is the best time to capture the heart of the one you love. All means of doing this are good, as long as they aren’t dangerous. Still, there’s a problem: someone has tried to sell the poison in the guise of a love potion!




The warrior has to look for the culprit.


Quest for warriors who have reached level 3.
Accessible: one time
Reward: Carved Heart x15, Love Cocktail x5


Beard with a Grey Hair

There is nothing worse than unrequited love, especially when you loved one is younger than you, and you already have some grey hair. Head of the settlement is a bit shy and the reason is that he likes a girl behind the bar counter.



Rulers  Onufir and  Pireney, that reside in  Fort Dybrach and  Settlement of Buimar, need your help.


Quest for warriors who have reached level 3.
Accessible: one time
Reward: Carved Heart  x15
Bouquet of Discord Bouquet

Herbologists  Herbier and  Foglio, who are located at the City Square  Dartong and  O'Delvays ask for your help.




Herbologists have a problem: they don't have enough Ribbons for Bouquet, in order to make bouquets truly magnificient!


Quest for warriors who have reached level 3.
Accessible: every 24 hours (respawned at midnight)
Reward: Carved Heart  x4
Repelling is not expensive!

Mages  Khorsungum and  Arnabag, who reside in  Gorge of Gondi and  Barrow of Sadness, need your help in making of the Repelling Potion, the ingredients of which are extremely rare.




Gloomy Mages are puzzled: why are the local warrioresses so choosy?


Quest for warriors who have reached level 3.
Accessible: every 24 hours (respawned at midnight)
Reward: Carved Heart  x5
Puzzled Geologist

The upcoming St. Valentine's day was noticed by the geologist – many Warriors of Faeo started to ask him for help. It is no surprise as knick-knacks with varicolored stones will be liked even by most haughty beauties!




Geologists  Tiyery and  Gesteyn, who reside at City Saquare of  Dartrong and  O'Delvays ask for your help.

Quest for warriors who have reached level 3.
Accessible: every 24 hours (respawned at midnight)
Reward: Carved Heart  x5
No Fishing!

What wouldn't the warioresses of Khair and  Ogriy do in order to distract their warriors from regular fishing! They have decided to ask fishermen to as many fishes as possible, so that warriors wouldn't need to go far away.



 Fisherman Vylis at  Mentaliya Foothills and  Fisherman Nathan from   Ridge of Kayar, ask for your help.


Quest for warriors who have reached level 3.
Accessible: every 24 hours (respawned at midnight)
Reward: Carved Heart  x4
When you Feel Like Fish

Jolly ladies, rarely deter themselves from great food. Right norw they want to try something unique! For example, fresh fish from the nearby waters.




 Jolly Magdalen and  Marietta the Merry, who reside at  Mentaliya Settlement and  Paradise Corner, will generously reward you for your help.

Quest for warriors who have reached level 3.
Accessible: one time
Reward: Carved Heart  x15
Aroma of Affinity
Lucky ones will be able to find Drops of Scent at the battlefields that magically appeared there, the formula of which is so precious for alchemists. You will be able to collect Drops of Scent on the battlefields but only in case of victory!
 Veddun and  Cagliostro are always ready to exchange 5 Drops of Scent for Strength of Heart.
Quest for warriors who have reached level 3.
Accessible: constantly

Attention! The reward is given for victories in the Arena, in the Temple, the Caves and in the Chaotic Battle.

Love not War

Kind Tindoline the Fairy cannot stand war and bloodshed! She is so sad when residents of Faeo are fighting and hate one another.



Little sorceress asks you to spread unique prefume overbattlefields (Arena, Caves, Temple) that will for a time beimg put warriors at ease.


 Fighting For Love

Quest for warriors from 3rd to 15th level.
Accessible: every 24 hours (respawned at midnight)
Reward: Carved Heart x5 + achievement

Attention! For players of level 16 and higher there will be alternative quest in Meridian Vaults.

Strange heart disease
Spring is still somewhere on the horizon, Mirrow lingers on the firmament longer and longer, and the left side of the warrior's chest begins to pull and tingle. What to do with this strange heart disease? Is there a potion?
Visit the wise alchemists  Veddun and  Cagliostro for help.
Quest for warriors who have reached level 3.
Accessible: one time
Reward: Carved Heart  x90-100 (during the quest)
Little Dragon Urchi greets February


What is happening during the event is of great interest to the inquisitive Dragon Urchi. Do not forget to talk to him and help in understanding the world of Faeo.



Quest accessible to warriors who have reached level 3.
Accessible: one time
Reward: Carved Heart  x5
Seasons deck
By using the deck, you will receive:
Attention!  You can use this deck only once a day during the active stage of the event.
Ways of obtaining the Carved Hearts


1) One time quests: “Scarlet Hearts”, “Gift of Love”, “Beard with a Grey Hair”, “When you Feel Like Fish”, “Strange heart disease”

2) Daily quests: “Bouquet of Discord Bouquet”, “Repelling is not expensive!”, “Puzzled Geologist”, “No Fishing!”, “Love not War”

3) Completing the task "Little Dragon Urchi greets February”

4) Using "Seasons deck".


For gifting Bouquet of Kiss-me-Quicks to the female NPC you will receive:


A pleasant surprise Happiness to All


Attention! You can gift bouquets to the NPCs through dialogues.


Complete quests and purchase unique goods in event shop - receive various achievents available only during the event.


Generous Heart Fighting For Love Guardian of Love February Arhas Beastmaster Battle Hat Under the February Banner! February Offering to the Crimson Roc

Favour of the Sapphire Monkey Cerberus Claw Memory Gifts of Topaz Acorn Supreme Spirit’s Assistant: February Mechanical Tuver Assembly: February Tamer of the Time-Lost Battle Tuver: February Tamer of the Time-Lost Battle Tuver: February

February: The Awakening of Feelings! February - Cupid strikes again


Send Mysterious Message to other players and earn achievements. The more gifts you send, the more valuable achievement you'll earn.


Mysterious Messenger Friend of Lovers Heart Connection Incurable Romantic Master of Romantic Confessions


Don't forget about achievements for seasonal food:


Strawberries and Cream - a tasty treat! Innkeeper, 100 portions of Strawberries and Cream! Once you taste the strawberries you just can’t stop! Nearly a thousand portions of strawberries Hide the strawberries - I am coming!  Are there any strawberries left in Faeo? I will finish them at dinner! Legendary strawberry eater


You will be able to buy February Bag for gold and diamonds from  Chigrik the Thief and  Gloum the Swindler who reside at  Glade of Dreams and  Barrow of Sadness. Bags contain 65 Carved Heart.



Attention! You can buy each bag only once!

Attention! Bags will be available for purchase during the rewards stage.


During the rewards stage you will be able to buy unique goods from Tindoline at City Fairs of  Ogriy and  Khair for Carved Heart.

Reward Cost Description

A casket of solid alder, inside of which there are achievement3 collection gifts100 food2 Anlagrissa or Little Tiger Transformation Potions, 3 handfuls of rose petals, one of the red thematic gifts and a miracle-working elixir.


A casket containing an acheievement3 collection gifts, a card and one of red thematic gifts.


One of the cards from the Seasons set from the game Conlegret.

45 A magic amulet, that gives you power over an Arhas [4] mount. Use this artefact to summon and mount the animal. Once mounted on the Arhas, you will travel 30% faster and can carry 3 more items. 
40 Style item. As well as a +100 durability bonus, it additionally increases durability in battle by 15%.
30 Increases current and maximum life level by 5% until the end of the battle (added to Elixir of Giant).
25 Delicious pancakes made of thin dough served with sweet jam... Crimson Roc will not be able to resist this delicacy, and her gratitude will grant you an incredible power! Use the offering to receive a Crimson Roc Statuette and gain the ability to summon this majestic bird in battle, or upgrade the statuette you already have! Upgrading the statuette allows you to improve the summoned Wraith, expand its arsenal of abilities, or increase the number of uses allowed per week. February: Awakening of Feelings! event 2018 season.

Maximum purchase quantity: 1 piece.

50 6

Scroll. When used on an ally in battle, Strength of Heart will restore 11% of life points for three of your allies in 44 seconds. But even the power of love cannot heal another player for more health points than what you have.

50 4

Scroll.  When used in battle, Heart's Will will restore 81% of mana in 55 seconds. However, it is impossible to restore more mana to another player than you have yourself.


Not everyone can shower their loved ones with gold and diamonds, but you are more than able to get a handful of rose petals together!


Potion.  When used in battle, this miracle-working potion will turn you into an Anlagrissa before your enemy’s very eyes.


Potion.  When used in battle, this miracle-working potion will turn you into a Berona Tiger before your enemy’s very eyes.


Gift.  What gift can be better for the one you love than a cute little Tiger which looks so trustingly at its future owner?


Gift.  What can be better than one adorable critter? Two adorable critters!


Gift. This delicate beauty does her best to never have to leave the house. Who knows what kind of dangers might be lurking outside?


Gift. There is nothing more beautiful in the entirety of Faeo!


Gift. When the Anlagrissa exits the underground to breathe some fresh air and stroll through a meadow, it always amazes her to gaze at the moon and the stars.


Gift. Who would have thought that young Scorpolions could be so cute and precious? Just look at this tiny little thing!


Gift. A delightful Shankar, young but already wild and elegant, watches a butterfly with endless curiosity, mistaking its nose for a flower.

3 Gift. If one day someone puts a spell on the amusingly named Kiss-me-Quick flowers and stops them blossoming by February, the Valentine's Day holiday will be ruined before it can start!

Gift. None of the inhabitants of Faeo can resist the temptation to take a peek at their mail during the chief February holiday in the hope of finding a love letter!


Gift. A luxury pendant made of pure gold, precious stones and coloured enamel, elements that the jeweller artfully put together into an ornate pattern.

10 1

Consumption restores 1500 life and 500 mana and gives you a feeling of satiety.


This year, the stars have entrusted the jovial monkey with the role of a protective amulet and talisman that brings luck to its owner. Those lucky enough to procure the finely made statuette of milky-green malachite will be able to catch the benevolent gaze of fortune and meet the eye of the fun-loving master of the year: just touch the figurine every day and receive valuable gifts.

Using the statuette grants an achievement that opens up the opportunity of a new event line! Having received any 3 achievements from the series, you will receive a unique pet, having received the remaining 9 achievements in the set, you will be able to upgrade the pet, first to "Green" and then to "Blue" quality.

Maximum purchase quantity: 1 piece.


This golden arrangement replicates a festive offering to the Crimson Roc: a stack of savoury pancakes. They say the owner of such a gift will always be merry and satiated! February: Awakening of Feelings! event. You may give this gift to members of another race.

An amulet of the gray tribe made of the bones of some unfortunate creatures. In the year of the White Kretch, this talisman can be filled with magical power, overcoming the shaman outcast [5] in battle, who can be found at the Kretch Lair in the Old Cave.

Sold in a package of 5 pcs.

Usually the hellhound kills its victims by ripping them in half with its giant jaws or by incinerating them with its fiery breath. But claws like this are a deadly weapon on their own - they are as big as daggers.


Incarnation Potion. Allows you to turn into an Eternity Guard for 1 hour. Unlike metamorphosis elixirs that create only an illusion of having a different appearance, this Incarnation Potion will completely change the way a person looks while also giving whoever drinks it the traits and powers of the creature.

Maximum purchase quantity: 1 piece.


Gift. Stretching languidly on its soft bed this cute monkey - the symbol of this year - toys deftly with a twinkling aquamarine ball, making a great display of its grace and finesse.


Gift. Three pretty mice made of mother-of-pearl beads will be a perfect gift for any warrior, male or female, that are in love!


Gift. Like a curved blade that severs the soul from the body with one swing, this claw brings swift and implacable death to anyone who dares stand in its owner's way. Furthermore, it is a symbol of the hunter's bravery that allowed him to perform the feat.

A talisman holding the enchanted spirit of a Kretch Defender [1] . When activated, the amulet allows the Defender to take the holder's place in battle and continue to fight the enemy.

Maximum number available for purchase: 2 pcs.

A limited edition precious box created by a famous master of the past. The craftsmanship pleases the eye, and it contains something connected to the cult of sacred Kodrag that once existed in Faeo. In a year of the Earth Kodrag, this item will once again have magical power.


Gift. A precious gift that looks like the Acorn of Sacred Kodrag box. Even without the magic of the original, this beautiful thing will definitely bring you luck in the year of the Earth Kodrag.


A part to the iron beast that will become your loyal pet.

Use the part every day to find premium elixirs and one of the additional rewards.

Maximum number available for purchase: 1 pcs.

Seasons Token are available to clan players through seasonal events at the rewards stage. A maximum of 185 tokens can be purchased by a clan per event.

A magical amulet that grants power over the Time-Lost Battle Tuver. Use the amulet to summon and mount the animal.

Maximum number available for purchase: 1 pcs.
One of the amulets that stops you getting lost in the complex warren of rabbit-holes. If you use it in one of the specified locations, you'll save the route to it, so you'll be able to move instantly to this location using the rabbit-hole generator.

Available locations:
Outskirts of the Silent Steppe or Angrukhon Settlement. Location code: 4.
Thistle Brushwood or Lost Wastelands. Location code: 5.
Wirgold Estate or Manor of Budrimakh. Location code: 6.

Can be used once per week.
Shares total recovery time with all Amulets of Wandering.

Rabbits are known not only for their valuable fur, but also for their ability to create complicated warrens of underground tunnels called rabbit-holes. The scientific minds of Faeo have managed to create a generator that can open up a passage into one of these holes for you. It is not clear what will happen if you try to enter it, but one thing is certain: it will take you somewhere completely different.

If you use it, you’ll create a rabbit-hole, which you can use to travel through space to the location that you've saved. Along the way, if you’re lucky, you’ll find Rabbit Pouch. The higher the level of the generator, the greater your chances of finding the bag.

Attention! After the end of sale of these unique goods at the Shop, leftovers of Carved Heart can only be exchanged for food.


We wish you lots of love!




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