Luck Blessing

There are a number of monetary effects in War of Dragons which allow you to increase your money drop while hunting. Different types of those blessings can be combined so the money gained while hunting will increase even more. However, you cannot combine two of the same type.


The list of monetary effects and percentage increases are given in this table:


Effect Type  Percentage Increase
Pot of Gold
15% / 10% / 10%
Pots of gold can be received during events such as Faeo under the control of Darkness and Magic Clover as well as from chests like Rich Chest or from Trade Fairs.
Dawn Luck Charm
Dawn Luck Charm can be purchased in the Jesters Shop in the City Fair for Talent Coin, or during the Trade Journey event for IOU.

Dawn Luck Charm is also available in the Gladiator Shop for Gladiator’s Coin and with 7500RR in the Treasury at Sheara.
Amulet of Luck
This amulet can be won at the end of the Luck Glow event. The winning race will receive the blue amulet, whilst the losing race will receive the green one. 
Enriching Potion of Experience
Enriching Potion of Experience can be bought in City Fairs in the Exchange Tent for Bargaining Token or obtained as drop from chests.
Spirit of the Sleeping Warrior
After defeating a Spirit of a Sleeping Warrior  of your own level, you will receive a Nightmare Lord Gift Elixir. Created in the world of dreams, it allows you to momentarily feel like you’re  in a heroic dream, becoming faster, stronger and luckier.
You can obtain Ultramarine Book when completing the quest “Lost Pages of the Ultramarine Book” from level 7 from the Wise Men  Flavviy or  Pandrik.
Referral system
Additional Profit Amulet can be obtained automatically when your referral kills the Kretch Butcher for the first time.
Seasonal Card Decks
/ 5%
Upon completion of the seasonal card deck, you may use it during the seasonal events of the months February and July, to receive additional money while hunting monsters.
Attention! You can use this card only once a day during the active stage of the event.
Special Admin Treat
up to 20%
On special occasions, the administration may treat players with a special gift when logging in: Have a nice day!
On special occasions, the administration may treat players with a special gift when logging in: Good mood!
Kretch Transformation Elixir
More information regarding the blessing of the Supreme Spirit of Kretches can be found here.


We wish you a pleasant and profitable game!




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