How can you say goodbye to winter without the pancakes? The most delicious pancakes are the one which you helped to make. Farewell to Winter .



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Tavern pancakes


In order to make the best pancakes at the  «Gurraldiy's Head» and  «Mary's Tavern» you will need: a bag of flour, a jug of milk, sugar and 3 eggs.


Bag of flour, jug of milk, sugar and eggs will drop when:
- gathering resources
- killing monsters (of level lower than yours by no more than 1)
- winning at the battlefields.
- completing quests for city certificates
Attention! When winning in Caves you will receive 10 random ingridients, in Temple - 6 random ingridients, in Arena - 2. Wneh winning in the Meridian Vaults you will receive 10 random ingredients.
2 3
When you collect all the ingredients for the dough, go to the taverns and visit  Givens and  Mary so that they make tasty Pancakes. Trust me, they won't refuse!
Quest for warriors of level 3 and higher.
Availabe always.
Light of Mirrow


Don't forget to try the pancakes! Each Pancakes you eat will increase your speed and gives a chance to not to break your armor in fights for an 1 hour. Each day of the event this chance will be increased.









You can make as many pancakes as you like, but you will get only effect of the light of Mirrow at a time.




You will also receive achievements for making the pancakes. The more pancakes you make, the greater achievent you will receive.

First pancake a success Experienced pancake makerPancakes, pancakes, pancakes!I can feed half an army with pancakes!Higher Master of Pancake Science
During the Farewell to Winter you should eat pancakes all the time. Don't forget to do that every day and you wil receive the special achievement of the pancake lover!
Monday: only an idler does not eat pancakes Tuesday: more and more pancakesWednesday: I have been eating pancakes since morningThursday: tasty pancakes for lunchFriday: I have to have a panckaeSaturday: It is my job to eat pancakesSunday: pancake unity!I have learnt all about pancakes!

Don't miss the opportunity to receive these achievements next Farewell to Winter will happen only next year!



Let's say goodbye to winter together!


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