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Singing Chess pieces

These wondrous chess pieces appeared in Faeo many centuries ago. A talented craftsman, whose name has long been lost in old manuscripts, made these intricate artefacts from various materials that were able to reveal their amazing properties: if you listen carefully you can hear gentle singing coming from the chess pieces, just like in a music box, they whisper something in a long-forgotten language. Singing Chess pieces can enable any warrior to obtain unique non-arsenal armour.

There are several types of Singing Chess sets in Faeo:
Wooden, Copper, China, Jasper, Graphite, Mahogany, Silver, Marble, Malachite, Obsidian, Rosewood, Gold, Dugrkharg Ivory, Emerald and Eldorill.
A full set consists of 16 pieces:

8 2 2 2

There are two types of singing chess pieces: closed and open.
Closed - singing chess pieces enclosed in a crystal egg. These can be obtained while hunting for monsters on the surface from level 3 and above, or by taking part in Precious Trunk events. The number of chess pieces that can fall from one monster varies from 1 to 16. Closed chess pieces are transferable so they can be transferred to another player, sold at auction or a price can be agreed on during trade chat. However, you should not forget that the tax on transferring singing chess pieces is high. In addition, they do occupy space in backpacks and cells: a full set takes up 6 spaces. The chess pieces can be taken out of their crystal eggs by breaking the egg, but after that it will be non-transferable and weightless.

Transferable Chess pieces


Open - singing chess pieces that can be obtained by successfully completing instances and killing the powerful monsters inhabiting them. The current instances are Derelict House, Palaces of King Magish, Exiles Fortress and Tailsime. When the bosses of these instances have been killed you receive a Rune Key that can open one of the Singing chambers found in the lairs of the monsters fought. You can obtain from 1 to 16 chess pieces in one chamber depending on your luck. The number and type of chess pieces is random! Each boss corresponds to a chess set. Once the chamber has been opened the chess pieces go into the groups backpack. If the Leader Distributes option is set the group leader can distribute the artefacts as they please, but when distribution is random the chess pieces are randomly shared among the players in the location. But the items in the group backpack are valid for 3 hours.
Open chess pieces can also be obtained by killing Uborgs, but this is not recommended for warriors below level 11. One complete chess set always falls from an Uborg, but the type of chess set will be down to luck.
Open singing chess pieces are very fragile and therefore non-transferable! They can only be exchanged if a warrior has earned Flaundin Reputation and can obtain an Aquadome.


Special care must be taken when handling chess pieces that originate from the tree Tailsime. The fighters against Shiass have succeeded in creating special domes that deal with the magic of the pieces. Warriors who have reached the appropriate level can exchange special sclera for Shiass Substance.


For warriors that want to collect certain chess sets the best option is to get combinations so that they can use transferable chess pieces to replenish non-transferable chess sets.

You can exchange the chess sets for armour in your own backpack under the "Collections" tab. For a successful exchange, you should have a complete set of open chess pieces in your backpack.
You need a complete set of open chess pieces for a successful exchange.


Every item from a unique armour set corresponds to a type of chess and number. As soon as a full set has been collected you can exchange a chess set for the corresponding item from the quest characters Lady Dawn and Shadow.


As you can only exchange open chess pieces, you will have to get the closed pieces out of their crystal shells.

Details about obtaining items from unique armour sets.
- Items received in exchange for chess pieces are non-transferable after they have been worn once.
- Strength depends on the likelihood of an item breaking on crystal: for armour of level 1-5 the likelihood is low, for armour of level 6 and above it is stable.
- Note! To obtain a helmet and two-handed smasher weapons you need two corresponding chess sets.
- For level 16+ warriors equipment, in addition to the chess pieces you will need a “green” piece of armor of the same style and for the same body part.




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