Mage Dimedora


The Kroffdors' Warcamp

An implacable enemy of the Eldive tribe, this skilled Kroffdor mage not only has remarkable physical abilities, but also possesses the mysteries of the ancient magic of his people, which he uses in the centuries-old confrontation between the races.




Mage Reodora


Village of Tremor

This powerful sorceress of the Kroffdor race has not only managed to learn the ancient magic of her tribe, but also to control the fire element that is so dear to her majestic people. Using her knowledge and skill in battles with the cursed enemy, the Eldives, Reodora fights bravely for the glory of her race.




Warrior Svudor


Mortis Dale

A great warrior of the Kroffdor race, who won fame and glory in bloody battles with the cursed enemy - the Eldives. In battles it is difficult to find the equal of this fiery giant, he is experienced and determined.




Warrior Gredor


Phantom Ashes

This glorious Kroffdor warrior has many fights and battles behind him, in which he fearlessly risked his life to defend the greatness of his people. Burning hatred for the cursed Eldive enemy gives Gredor strength and inspires him to new deeds.




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