The Memorial Wall

Memorial Wall Origins.


 During the era of the Great Chaos, a group of courageous Magmar and Human warriors stood side by side, covered in blood and dirt in their fight against the chaos.

 Magmar warriors were led by the hotblooded and charismatic Bershe who took the Sword from her husband Darko, after he got killed by the Chaos forces. She gathered a group of men and women who suffered losses from the evil and had nothing left to lose except for their own lives. She proudly led them onto the battlefield to put a stop to the suffering and losses of their people.

 Humans were led by Edmar who was well known for his wit and tactical intelligence but even more for he had a complete absence of fear against all enemies. All his passion and love were directed at fights and battles. His group of warriors were alike him: fearless, strong and courageous. They gave all of themselves on the battlefield and never turned away from the chosen path.

 When all hope seemed to be lost and all enthusiasm killed, Bershe and Edmar gathered together and decided to join their forces and fight side by side against the common enemy, who wanted to destroy both of their lands.

 They were fighting heroically day after day, hour after hour, wave after wave and were suffering wounds beyond any heal. But they stood strong and unshakable and eventually were able to push the chaos back and seal the gates.

 After the battle was over all those tired and deadly wounded warriors were laying their heads down to find their peace and never wake up. However, a light appeared suddenly and Sheara walked out of it towards them: "Warriors," heard they a celestial voice in their heads, "I have watched you battle and I have seen your enormous strength and your unwavering will to succeed. I do not want to leave you dying here after all you've been through. Such warriors deserve to come to the Celestial Grounds and join me to fight against all evil of Faeo and find eternal peace in our endless gardens. I shall open a portal in the wall behind you through which you can follow me, should you find the strength to walk. However, you have battled a lot already, so you can let your heads just fall on your chests and stay here. The choice is yours..." She blessed the wounded warriors with the Symbol of the Dragons and then disappeared.

 Many fanatical researchers have tried to find any traces of the legendary warriors, whose names have been cut out on the Memorial Wall, which is believed to be the same wall, on which Sheara opened the portal. But, since no one was ever able to find their bodies or any of their remainings, it has come to believe that they gathered all their last strengths and made their way to the Celestial Grounds. And ever since that day, whenever a warrior would disappear without a trace, people add their name to the Memorial Wall and start telling that they have been chosen to join the Celestial Grounds.


The writing on the wall.
 The following list contains the names of the great heroes who fought their great wars by our side, but have nobly surrendered their lives in their final battle or disappeared without a trace on life's endless battlefields and can't find their way back.

 No matter where their hearts and souls may be wandering right now, their memory shall always live among us, their names shall never be forgotten, their stories shall forever be told.

A little tribute small and tender,

Just to say we still remember.



In memory of...












Holly Holy

Draigon Kemp



-Darth Ra-




bad juju









xX Mengsai Xx








Do you know of another fallen hero?

 Should you know of another great hero that has fought their final battle and whose name should be cut out on this Memorial Wall, please follow this path: Requests for The Memorial Wall ...


Forever remembered,

Forever missed. 




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