Berona Wars

(The events of this time have been established thanks to various notes that were found, and all possible historical sources.)

8-49 ascent of Mirrow, 721. Start of the war. Human incursion into the Chion Mountains

The events of seven centuries ago began a new round in the eternal war between the two races and drastically influenced all subsequent arrangements, and life on the world as a whole. The bloody conflict was sparked by the discovery by human alchemists of a poisonous substance, which was found in some Berona Tigers, the indigenous inhabitants of the prairies of the same name. Under the influence of intoxicating plants, which once contributed to the demise of the Orc armies, these animals became a serious threat: their bite led to inevitable death. Having learned to isolate the toxin that had suddenly appeared in the blood of the ferocious predators caught in Berona district, the wise men were able to introduce it into the bodies of already tamed mounts, thereby giving greater power to the Human army

39 ascent of Mirrow, 721
. The Human army, having received this advantage, immediately moved into the area of the Chion Mountains - a territory that had been disputed for decades. Within days the Ogriy army had succeeded in breaking the resistance of the defenders of Hell’s Pass and capturing it. The Magmar portal was instantly destroyed; Humans became the total masters of the Crystalline Caves, depriving the Magmars of the energy of the magic crystals. The Khair army was defeated and lost their most important source of strength.
112-135 ascent of Mirrow, 721. The Siege of Dartrong. Disbanding of the Night Stealers
The odds were clearly on the Human side. With access to the Crystal Caves and unlimited use of them to make Immans, the Ogriy army had incredible power. Riding on venomous predators, they moved into the heart of Khair - Dartrong. The offensive began with Vurdaliya, in the port of which the enemy docked ships with well-equipped troops. The Magmar army was defeated on the outskirts of the capital, but the defenders fought desperately, and prevented the invaders from breaking into the city. Both sides were clearly aware that the loss of Dartrong would mean unconditional victory for the Humans in the confrontation that had been ongoing for millennia.

The Berona War was a turning point in the history of the Night Stealers clan. The order of professional killers consisting of Humans and Magmars had long been on the verge of breaking-up. Torn by fundamental contradictions, the clan had suffered adverse times. Its collapse was inevitable, and recent developments in the area of the Chion Mountains and the suburbs of Dartrong split the Night Stealers irretrievably. The supporters of the charter and traditions of clan remained neutral, remaining true to their principles: they stood to one side, without interfering in the conflict between the Magmars and Humans. But desperate patriots could no longer simply watch as events developed rapidly before their eyes: they broke with the traditions of their ancient clan and joined the ranks of the soldiers of their race. The armies of both continents received a major boost.

294-320 ascent of Mirrow, 721
. Magmar rebel mercenaries. The campaign of the Red Axes. Battle of Enchanted Lake.
The enrolment of the mercenaries that had left the clan into the Magmar army made a significant change in the balance of power. Having joined the ranks of the defenders of Dartrong, the mercenaries also brought with them their arms - the special axes, which were their hallmark1. Their most significant contribution was the unique Scroll of Granite Strength which, when used on axes, made the weapons unbelievably strong. The Khair army was now ready for confrontation. However the Magmars opted for a different strategy

On the 294 ascent of Mirrow, 721
. A Magmar army consisting of 13 divisions, who have gone down in history as the 13 Glorious Legions2, armed with axes carried out an unprecedented campaign into the lands currently knows as Grand Fort. Their route bypassed the Human armies besieging the capital, through Northern Khair and the territory of the Eldives3. Moving into Livanthia, the legions took an enormous risk, but this risk pays off. A bloody battle, victory in which provided the Magmars with a long-awaited passage, took place at Enchanted Lake. The Glorious Legions storm Enchanted Lake and with incredible effort they break through the Eldive barrier to Ogriy. The Magmar army sets foot on Human lands.

356-38 ascent of Mirrow, 721-722
. The founding of Grand Fort Castle. Magmars in the Berona Prairies
Encouraged by the breakthrough at Enchanted Lake, the Khair army captures the current territory of Grand Fort, which received its name at that time. This fertile land with its luxuriant vegetation became the temporary shelter of the Magmars. The troops gathered their strength before the upcoming decisive attack. At this time, construction was carried out of the castle of Grand Fort, which became an important fortress of the invaders on the mainland. News of the enemy invasion quickly spread through Ogriy, militias were sent to hold back the enemy, but they were defeated. The Humans decided to throw all their forces into protecting their lands, and hastily convened all their troops on the mainland. The map of military operations changed dramatically: now the Ogriy army is forced to hold back the enemy forces invading their land.
The main goal of the Magmars is the Berona Prairies and the tigers that live there. On the 2nd ascent of Mirrow in 722, the Khair army sets foot on this territory. During a bloody battle the legionnaires, with the support of the mercenaries from the Night Stealers, push out the defenders and capture the Prairies. This capture is an important milestone in the Berona War.

On the 16 ascent of Mirrow, 722
, after a number of unsuccessful attempts the Magmar alchemists finally manage to isolate the toxin from the blood of the Berona Tigers, which they use to reinforce Zorbs. One of the main advantages of the Human army has been neutralized: the Magmar army creates its own venomous mounts.

178-230 ascent of Mirrow, 722
. Incursion into Alaveya Vista. Fortress on the Barrow.
The Human army approaches the Silent Steppe. The Magmar army continues its aggressive campaign into the interior of the continent. Invading Alaveya Vista, it continues its onward march. Upon reaching the territory that would later become known as the Barrow of Sadness, the Khair army builds a strong fortress on the summit. This would be the site of a legendary battle that was to change the history of Faeo 4.

362-127 ascent of Mirrow, 722-723
. Battle of the Barrow. Formation of the Red Axes and the Stone Lotus. Temporary truce.
The two powerful armies met in bloody battle. The Magmar army, reinforced by the former Night Stealers mercenaries, was a force to behold. They had many warriors mounted on venomous Zorbs, and unique battleaxes strengthened by Scrolls of Granite Strength. The Human army, although it had received significant support from the mercenaries of its race that had rejected their ancient principles, had fewer warriors. Its main forces were involved in the siege of Dartrong, and the army was caught up in battles near Vurdaliya, and were unable to come to the rescue. So divisions of militia were quickly formed, and it was decided to summon groups of mercenary warriors from overseas. These were the warlike tribe of Gordts, who were known for their military skill and unscrupulousness5.

15 ascent of Mirrow, 723
. A mixed army stands in the way of the Magmar advance at the foot of the still nameless ancient Gates of Knowledge. The bloody battle resulted in the deaths of many warriors, both races carried enormous losses, but the Magmars had the advantage. The consolidated Khair army advanced decisively – its rear was secured by the fortress, and it had powerful weapons. The strength of the Humans was on the wane. However, timely intervention by the great Human sorcerer Arnabag6, who was one of the mercenaries to secede from the Night Stealers, rapidly changed the course of the battle.
The wise sorcerer uses the powerful Stone Lotus7 spell, which he found among the ancient books, which turned all the Magmar weapons affected by the Scroll of Granite Strength8 to stone. The balance of power on the battlefield suddenly changes, and the Magmar army is defeated. The Khair army, which had been so close to victory, was smashed.

127 ascent of Mirrow, 723
. The two bitter enemies reach a temporary truce. According to the agreement, the Human forces were to be withdrawn from Khair and from Hell’s Pass, while the Magmar forces unconditionally surrendered the Berona Prairies and other territory on Ogriy that they had captured. The deadly poison, the discovery of which had caused the Berona war, was no longer a secret weapon for either of the sides.

1 Subsequently, it was because the Magmar rebel mercenaries used these axes in battle that they were given the name Red Axes. After the battle, the mercenaries form a new clan on the Barrow of Sadness which includes all the Magmar warriors that had left the Night Stealers. They receive the name the Red Axes.

2 According to some sources, many current Magmar clans trace their history back to the warriors that fought in the 13 Glorious Legions. But some researchers have cast doubt on the authenticity of these claims.

3 Along the entire route taken by the Magmar 13 Glorious Legions, special caches were left – in which military supplies were hidden. Many of these caches still contain valuable items.

4 After the legendary battle the battlefield was named the Barrow of Sadness, and the territory around it, which also saw much bloodshed, received the name Cursed Fields.

5 The Gordts that survived the battle refused to leave the Cursed Fields. The former mercenaries settled in the area, sowing tyranny and lawlessness there.

6 Arnabag – one of the oldest wizards in the world of Faeo, who to this day is on the council of the Stone Lotus clan and heads the O’Delvays guild of sorcerers.

7 The effect of the Stone Lotus spell was temporary, as time passes all that was left of it was a magical echo which, when the planets are aligned in a certain way, returns and destroys all weapons under the influence of the Scroll of Granite Strength.

8 Subsequently the Human rebel mercenaries from the Night Stealers form a new clan, which they name in honor of the weapon that brought victory – the Stone Lotus. The fortress built by the Magmars on the Barrow of Sadness becomes their residence.






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