Welcome to Las WoDas! For the next few days, Faeo will go crazy. Blinking slot machines, hot shows and flashing lights will rule the capitals of our world!





Jesters want to introduce you the 4-season slot machine! Test your luck on the 4SS and win Talent Coin

How to participate?
All you have to do is enter a 7-way combination with the options "Top", "Middle" or "Bottom" and post them in the appropriate thread in the forum.

How are the combinations selected?
The administration will draw random numbers live. The numbers that are rolled will correspond to a sequence of 7 (out of 36) predesigned columns, which will determine the rewards you receive. 

How can you win?
Everyone who specifies a combination, in the required format, will receive talent coins that correspond to their entry. Your winnings are calculated by adding up the total of all the columns. The initial "bet" will be set at 1 coin for all players. 

Each account can only participate with one contribution! Players who are currently cursed are not eligible to receive rewards.

Use your chance and win Talent Coin. Best of of luck!

You can create a 7-way combination of the top, middle and bottom options.


Here is an example of what your 7-way combinations for participation can look like:



Participation rules:

  • Each combination must be 7-fold.
  • The combination must be written under each other!
  • The combination may only consist of "Top", "Middle" and "Bottom".


One week before the start of a new season, a new thread will be opened in the forum where you have the opportunity to submit your combinations. The thread will stay open for a week, after which it will be closed at 18:00 server time.

The correct bandit columns are selected on the day of the change of season, and the bandit's results are published later that day. The talent coins will be distributed within the next following days.










Here is a short overview of the specified combinations / columns of our "4SS". There is a number in each of the red fields. These numbers are personally rolled by the admin and then, as shown in the chat, the column numbers are inserted from left to right into our 4SS.



How to check how much you won? 




Terms and Conditions 
  • This is a contest for individual players from level 3 with no active curses for rule violation.
  • Every account only can participate once.
  • Only entries which meet the requirements will be rewarded.
  • Abuse towards the Jester team for outcomes of events will result in disqualification and bans from events.



 Jesters wish you the best of luck !  


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