Purge Day

Warriors be aware! Elders have asked  Jesters to organize the Faeon Purging Event on a regular basis. During this specified time the attack rule will be out of order.







However, normal game rules will still fully apply and we also have some minor regulations for the Purging to come.


Are you up for the slaughter?




Event Regulations 


  • Any fight starting before 12:00 on that day as well as any fight being started after 23:59 the day when it ends will be subject to the conditions of the attack rule.


  • You may not attack the same person more than 10 times, be it visible or invisible.


  • Any attack or provocation which happened during this event does not give any valid reason or grounds for later attacks - after the event has ended.


  • If you suffer from injuries you may contact Liusaidh via ingame mail for a healing pot. Please add a link with your injuries to your request. Only injuries received due to the Purge event will be considered. After the event has ended, there is no more healing pots and every player can ask for a healing only once.


  • It is not allowed to ask friends to kill them for the only purpose to raise your executioner skill, nor is it allowed to pay or offer any other services to any other player for the same purpose.


  • Below find a list with safe spots, where attacks are not possible:

- Guilds in City Square
- Palace of Marriage
- Shops


Further we declare the starting locations Settlement of Chernag and Settlement of Klesva as safe zones, where no attacks are allowed.





Warriors! Start your preparations now to be ready for the slaughter!



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