Vassals' Tombs

The evil black magician, who died and came back from the dead. He is so evil, not even the world of the deceased would not accept him. He lives off the energy of living beings, and has the power to resurrect the dead.


Koeshu the Necromancer

 Clan Burial Grounds

Koeshu the Necromancer is a Master of the occult, necromancy and alchemy. He desires to learn the deepest secrets of the World of Dead. Some say that it was he who created the Emerald Tablet, but he has never confirmed or denied that. He is a very secretive person.



Brugilda the Sorceress

 Village of Maettro

She is a dark-haired old lady, who loves bright dresses and colours. She does grumble incessantly though, reminding any visitors of her old age and how busy she is. But her heart is made of gold and she always comes to the aid of warriors in need of life-restoring potions and remedies.



Gredeya the Witch

 Wild Forest

She has a face with deep wrinkles, white head of hair and a body crumbled with age … Only her eyes are lively and bright, they reveal the true spirit and extraordinary mind that live in this ailing body.



Demonologist I-Vidi

Grandfort Suburbs

A hapless scholar who decided to dedicate his life to the study of demonology. The only things that interest I-Vidi are demons, so he has read all works linked to them, searched for ways to fight the creatures of the demon world and set up scientific experiments. One such experiment resulted in the summoning of the terrible monster Balthazar to Faeo much to the consternation of its inhabitants.


Demonologist Berrush

Faytvor Suburbs

An occultist who has dedicated himself to the study of demonology and has tried to classify demons and establish their hierarchy. The efforts of the clumsy academic to gain control over demons has only led to the summoning of the terrible monster Balthazar, from the netherworld. This monster now poses a real threat to the Magmar way of life.


Vessen the Druid

 Wolf Wasteland

A wise man and a magician, he is nature’s master and servant. He is so close to nature that he gets all his magical powers from it.



Oden the Mage

Ridge of Kayar

Nobody knows the true age of this grand old man. Rumour has it that this silver haired mage and wise fortune-teller has a spiritual connection with the gods of the elements and has made an unofficial deal with the forces of nature. People often turn to Oden for help and advice, and, despite the fact that human contact bores him he never refuses his assistance.


Bludiara the Fortuneteller

Thistle Brushwood

A sorceress and a clairvoyant, Bludiara has prophesied many fates, warned of many dangers, given strength to the weak, and taught how to love and be happy. But nobody knows what is inside the heart of the seer herself. Ordinary folk and warriors wanting to know about the misdeeds of their enemies seek Bludiara out for advice, for all her predictions, seen in her crystal palantir, are sure to come to pass.


Maritsa the Witch

Settlement Angrukhon

This red-haired Magmar has the priceless gift of prophecy and thanks to her predictions, the residents of Khair have been able to avoid enemy attacks on more than one occasion. The young sorceress uses her Magic Palantir, which she inherited from her wise grandmother, to look back to the past and glance into the future.



Settlement Angrukhon

Thistle Brushwood

A girl born of the unprecedented union of a magmar and a human. A mix of blood and lava flows through her veins, and even she herself can't imagine all the incredible natural abilities she has. Kari spent over a thousand years sleeping, but now she is gradually recalling the past, awakening her mystical powers and looking for answers to many questions.



Leolina the Fairy

Communal Grave

This little fairy loves to set up pleasant surprises and make people happy. This happy smiley creature is always in high spirits and is willing to talk about all sorts of trifles or stir up a comic dispute. Leolina always looks after her appearance carefully and never forgets to powder her pink cheeks with flower pollen.


Tindoline the Fairy

  City Fair

An excited admirer of the talents of troubadours and wandering musicians, the tiny fairy adores admissions of love and sentimental stories. The incredibly cute little fairy takes very good care of her appearance and carefully flying from flower to flower will never forget to fix a stray strand of hair or brush away any pollen from her dress.


Milos the Sorcerer

Fortress of Captivity

A treacherous and powerful Chaos sorcerer, created by dark forces and faithfully serving them. Milos the Sorcerer is lord of the creatures of darkness and a passionate creator of sophisticated magic tricks, devastating spells and forbidden rituals, killing and destroying all around.



Canyon of Immortality

Sleepy Valley

An unknown creature, this girl, like an enchanted plant, has hair the colour of leaves, hands formed like branches and skin like young bark, but behind her emerald eyes, a magical and dangerous power is concealed.



Unarius the Sorcerer

Castle of Unarius

The greatest of magicians ever to appear in a Faeo, endowed with profound knowledge of the art of magic and a sharp inquisitive mind. Despite his age, he admires wise and mature judgements, which are generally assumed to be characteristic of elderly magicians. A stranger to society who keeps aloof from the other residents of Faeo, Unarius has dedicated a lot of time to creating magical artefacts and to research.


Asbald the Scholar

Air Palantir

A gifted and ambitious young man who has always stood out for his diligence and insatiable attraction to knowledge about magic, which is why the wise Arnabag chose him out of hundreds of contenders eager to become a student of the venerable sorcerer. And although the youthful fervor and vehemence displayed by Asbald sometimes drives the grey-haired mentor mad, he can certainly vouch for the excellent magical ability of his student.


Ronigar the Scholar

Fire Palantir

With enviable persistent inquisitiveness, the young man studies magic volumes and ancient manuscripts dedicated to the magic sciences, in order to prove to the wise Khorsungum that he was right to accept him as his student. The venerable mentor is gracious towards the talented Ronigar and predicts that he will have a great future in magic, while turning a blind eye to the excessive zeal and despair displayed by the young man.


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