Warlord Gidver

 Dartrong Arena

His knowledge of the art of war rivals that of Sun Tzu. This master tactician has now devoted the life to the development and training of young Magmar warriors.



Commander Norias

 Smoky Knolls

An experienced soldier, Commander Norias has been the unchallenged leader of the rural militia of his native land. He is bigger than this role and he dreams, sometime in the future, of becoming a great general and leading the countless army of Magmars to the walls of O'Del'vays.



Warlord Damirus

 O’Delvays Arena

A true military expert; he is the master of combat theory and practice, ashore and at sea.



Centurion Mekden

 Free Meadows

Born to humble parents Mekden joined the army early in his life and took part in many wars, where he was noted for his strength - he could strike a grown Zorb down with his bare fist. When his hair started turning grey he retired to his village and now leads the local militia.



Saysha the Warrior


 Lost Wastelands

Mercenary, skilled in the ways of war and brave beyond most men, uncompromising as a sword, she believes there is only one way to solve a problem - crush the enemy! She also belongs to the notorious club of Bloodbattle.


Gerasim the Hero

 Jasmine Brushwood

Possessing enormous strength and a kind soul, but what can be said about his intellect? His speech is defective and his mind is one of a small child. He always means well, but very seldom manages to do any good.



Captain Bakhasha

 Southern Outpost

She is a fearless warrior and the Captain of the sailing ship "Al- Java". She leads the team of rescuers which has saved many people from mortal danger or captivity. She was heading the expedition which searched for Orlufia, the daughter of a warlord who disappeared in mysterious circumstances.



Rukham the Guard


 Northern Outpost

Rukham is guarding the Northern magmar outpost on the Isles of Fay-Go. He is always on alert, watching for any attempts of the servants of Chaos to invade the Isles.



Sentry Groumer


Terror Wharf

One of Khair's best guards who keeps watch over Terror Wharf. Groumer considers his service to be very important and carries it out with great zeal. The sentry only becomes gloomy when he thinks about how much time he spends at his post rather than at home.



Sentry Requt


Grand Fort Harbour

A brave and loyal guard who keeps watch over Grand Fort Harbour. Constantly on the lookout for enemies, Requt's work is long and tiring and means he is unable to spend anywhere near the amount of time he would like to with his beloved son. Such a state of affairs greatly pains the sentry.



Commander Medor


Terror Wharf

A young, but intelligent and competent warrior, fully deserving of his rank, who once carried great weight amongst the Night Stealers mercenaries, but then acted against the wishes of the Council, for which he was disgraced and forced into hiding.



Gredvin the Patrolman


Rumengild Station

Making sure to follow the military code to the letter and being extremely disciplined, the patrolman does an excellent job carrying out his duties protecting Rumengild. While diligently following the orders of the high command, Gredvin believes his duty to be the most important job in the world, and makes sure to make fun of the boatman as often as he can calling his job “simple” and “meaningless.”



Sherwood the Patrolman


Waltreia Outpost

The Waltreian patrolmen values the military code above all else, which is why he carries out his duties with so much attention and care. Believing his job to be more important than that of anyone else, Sherwood takes pleasure in poking fun at the boatman, which is the reason why their relationship is as strained as it is.



Captain Ordung


Rumengild Station

Although Captain Ordung might seem gentle at first, he is actually quite harsh and does not easily forgive his subordinates their mistakes. The guards are much less fearful of the monsters and beasts, residing in the area, than they are of their strict commander. The smallest mistakes are punishable by a stay in the lockup or triple watch duty. On the other hand, the guards are extremely disciplined and organised, which can’t be said about the lazy and careless mercenaries.



Captain Fogger


Waltreia Outpost

Captain Fogger manages the guards with an iron fist refusing to listen to any excuses and rejecting any authority other than his own. He is a true ruler of his little world, powerful and unwavering. One can only feel sorry for a warrior which would inadvertently get on the bad side of Fogger for he uses physical punishments as often as he issues verbal reprimands. It is hard to believe just how fearful the guards are of their commander.



Shiko the Paladin

 Tomb of Kings

 Royal Tomb

An errant paladin and Hunter of the Dead, he has neither home, nor family and has dedicated his whole life to the struggle with evil, inventing new ways to destroy it and attract other warriors to his side.



Norak the Virtuous

  Cloister of Virtue

The founder and spiritual father of the Brotherhood of Virtue is an advocate of good and justice. Norak leads the holy fight against evil, instilling goodness and eradicating indifference from the hearts of the inhabitants of Faeo. The noble warrior has dedicated his life to serving great ideals and there is no force that can knock Norak from his chosen path. Faith is his power, words are his weapon and while his noble heart beats evil will not dominate the world.




  Bringers of Evil Den

Fanatic was once the great commander Ezfogen the Merciless, famed for his boundless cruelty. Condemned and betrayed by his own people he miraculously escaped with his life, but his soul had died and his heart turned to stone. He completely changed, renouncing his previous name and establishing the Guild of Bringers of Evil, where he earned fame as a killer completely devoid of moral principles and feelings of compassion.



 February 2021



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