Daily Bonuses

Daily Visit
Dragon Urchi Bonus
Magic Wand
Gift of Heaven


Daily Visit

Once you reach level 3 you will get nice rewards just for entering the game. If you enter the game daily, the reward will increase and be reset after 5 days. If you miss one day reward also will be reset directly. 

Attention: If you miss one day reward also will be reset directly.  



Dragon Urchi Bonus

Also from level 3, you will get nice rewards in helping the little dragon Urchi in his daily challenges. He will reward you with little bags of rewards. Those you can open immediately or waiting for the next tasks in the next days. If so, then every bag will be replaced with another bag of higher value.


Each of these bags can be opened at any time, but do not forget: the more valuable the bag, the greater the reward hidden in it. 


Additionally, in every bag you will find a selection of little gifts. If you send these little gifts to another player, his popularity in Faeo will increase. The more valuable the bag, the more gifts you will find. 



Grow strong young dragon!

The birth of the tiny dragon Urchi - a miracle that Faeo has not seen yet! Having become friends with this touching creation, it's easy to forget that this little cub is one of the most powerful and huge creatures ever appearing in the rays of Mirrow ...

And the dragon is growing up - the egg shell, once serving as his home, has become small. Spreading his wings, Urchi hurries to meet new adventures ... but he, of course, will not leave you!

Warriors! Your friend is gaining strength and studying magic, to one day become equal to the two great dragons that keep this world at the will of Sheara! But as long as he is still far from the peak of power, he will need your help! Absorbing the energy that he receives from various resources, Urchi becomes stronger. And, of course, he will not forget to thank you for your help, presenting the magical objects he created and giving you magic power!







Urchi gains power


Urchi Continues on His Path


Grow Strong, Young Dragon


New Horizons for Urchi


True Power of Dragon

Tasks are available to players who have reached level 6.



Magic Wand

When hunting for monsters you can get a relic -  the Magic Wand, which is part of the miraculous legacy of the gnomes. It has no life-span and no limit to the number of uses.


Using a magic wand once a day, you are consistently receiving the Complimentary Elixir of Life. But if you have a reputation of Underground Knights from 2000 and up, then you will be given out Underground Elixir of Life.


Please note: the Magic Wand has a cycle of 5 continuous uses. With continued use, each subsequent use increases the likelihood of obtaining a more valuable reward in addition to elixirs. 


On the 5th day of continuous use, you can get an additional bonus. At the end of the cycle or when it is violated, a new series begins.
Attention! The cycle is interrupted if more than 36 hours have passed between using theMagic Wand.


Gift of Heaven

Higher forces patronize those who are not afraid to take risks for the sake of rich booty, despising the painstaking calculations and instead relying on dashing luck!

Hexagonal dices - an ancient symbol of excitement. Will they bring you the long-awaited win? ...  If, of course, you will be able to catch your chance!

In total, you have five tries a day: the first - for free, the second and third - for silver, and the fourth and fifth - for diamonds. Each throw is a winning one, and the sum of the numbers on the dices determines the number of the cell with the values.  Having made  35 throws (no matter how many shots a day you made, the main thing in the total is to collect 35 throws), you get access to the Supergame, where you have the opportunity to get a special prize thanks to the four simultaneously thrown dices.
Attention! In case of missing one of the days - the Supergame scale will decrease by 1 point.


Attention! The window with the game opens only once a day. In case you played 2 times and then closed the window, then you will not be able to open it again. Only the next day there will be an opportunity to once again throw the dice up to 5 times.

 We wish you a pleasant game!


Last updated: November 2021



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