Commemorative Coins
Defeating any hostile creatures, including super-beings and inhabitants of underground lairs, you could receive in return ancient coins. They are made of bronze, silver or gold, and pictured on them are the various mounts of Faeo. Among each metal, there are seven coins - all depicting a different mount. Together, these constitute an entire collection.

It is important to note that with ordinary monsters, the chance of getting Bronze coins is higher than Silver or Gold. With super-beings, the chance of getting Silver and Gold coins is much higher than with ordinary monsters.
Constituent Coins of each Collection

Bronze Collection

Silver Collection

Gold Collection

You can exchange a set of coins for the corresponding antiquarian bag via Backpack > Collections > Commemorative Coins and clicking the "equip" button. A set of bronze coins can be exchanged for a Small Antiquarian Bag, a silver coin set can be exchanged for a Large Antiquarian Bag and a golden coin set can be exchanged for a Precious Antiquarian Bag. With increasing bag tiers, comes superior prizes.
Antiquarian Bags

Small Antiquarian Bag (Bronze)

Large Antiquarian Bag (Silver)

Precious Antiquarian Bag (Gold)

Collection can be exchanged once per day.

Collection can be exchanged once per 3 days.

Collection can be exchanged once per 7 days.

The prizes which can be received from these bags include gnome coins and runes, various elixirs and crystals of assorted sizes and rarities. The specific prizes which can be received from each bag are described in the following tables:
Small Antiquarian Bag (Bronze coins)

Large Antiquarian Bag (Silver coins)

Precious Antiquarian Bag (Gold Coins )


Rewards also include any encased chess piece.




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