Merchant Marks


Merchant Marks are a type of currency which can be spent on a wide variety of special items at the Exchange Tents, located in the city fairs at  Square of Fire and  Daylight Square.



There are several ways to obtain Merchant Marks:
- Daily log in rewards
- From reward chests received by completing daily activities (Events -> Activity)
- From special chest events
- From any Especial Precious chest found in the exchange tent in the city faire ( Exchanged for Thalers or Signs )
- Completing Merchant Mark quests


The quests can be completed every 7 days and they consist of fights with different monsters.

Level 8 Quests

Quest Name

NPC and Rewards

Kretches Had It Coming

 Chief Kort in Settlement of Klesva
 Chief Torgor in Settlement of Chernag

Reward: Merchant Mark 150pcs., Elixir of Protection from Injury 1pc.

River of Honey

 Voluptuous Mary in Mary's
 Givens in the Gurraldiy's Head

Reward: Merchant Mark 120pcs., Experimental Potion 1pc.

Purifying Rites

 Samuel the Cleric in Wirgold Estate
  Pymen the Monk in Manor of Budrimakh

Reward: Merchant Mark 100pcs., Bone Lock Pick 1pc.

Spider Gourmet

Pireney the Ruler in Settlement of Buimar
Onufir the Ruler in Fort Dybrach

Reward: Merchant Mark 70pcs., Ball of Viscous Web 1pc.

Your Soul is Mine, Dog

Globius the Scientist in Pacifist Hills
Avelius the Scientist in Thorn Apple Brushwood

Reward: Merchant Mark 120pcs., Burn Salve 1pc.

Level 9 Quests

Quest Name

NPC and Rewards

A Sabotage in the Port

Baird the Seafarer in Virigiya District
Seymour the Sailor in County Vurdaliya

Reward: Merchant Mark 136pcs., Tube of Half-rotted Maps 1pc. + lvl9 buff

Help Meridian Lands

Cagliostro in the Guild of Artisans
Veddun in the Guild of Artisans

Reward: Merchant Mark 87-150pcs.,
Focus Amulet or Great Focus Amulet,
Scroll of Chain Poisoning 3pcs,
Scroll of Antidote 3pcs

The Wooden Killer

Vaslav the Ranger in Light's Edge
Hawken the Forester in Zviglod Grove

Reward: Merchant Mark 100pcs., Great Elixir of Strengthened Gift 1pc.

Krogan's Attack

Sentry Requt in Grand Fort Harbour
Commandor Medor in Terror Wharf

Reward: Merchant Mark 116pcs., Krogan Transformation Powder 1pc., Mysterious Knapsack 1pc.



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