Collections are the most necessary items of brave warriors. You can receive various gains to your game character. Let’s look at how we can create any collection. At first, you should pick all the fragments of the collection you want to create. In order to see which fragments you have, you should click on Backpack icon at the top menu and then find the “Collections” tab.


You see several sub-threads here. These sub-threads, apart from “Selected”, give clues to you from where and how you can receive such fragments . You should click on the sub-thread to see which fragments you have.


“Selected” on the menu shows you the collections you have marked in the other sub-threads. So as to mark any collection, you should click on “star” icon on the upper left-hand corner.


But what you can do is not only limited to these. You can exchange your Sign of Masters that can be received by creating professional collections for some items at the shop in Guild of Artisans!

Collection Fragments Received Box


Warriors, collect your collection and be the most talented artisan in the Faeo!


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