Kugar the Hunger


 Sly Cove

You won't find a better hunter than Kugar in Faeo. A master at catching game who always know where best to set snares and traps in the sleeping forest and how to track any animal. He can recognise animals by the the sounds that their paws and hooves make, and birds by the rustle of their wings. An accurate arrow shot from Kugar's bow will hit its target, so he always comes back with a catch.



 Silent Cove

The clever and talented apprentice to the Joke Shop's owner has an entrepreneurial spirit - a trait that the crafty Mukhmor has used to his benefit on numerous occasions. The young apprentice endures the miserly buyer's temper and constant nagging with enviable patience, as he dreams of one day leaving the shop behind and inventing to his heart's content.





 Azure Lagoon

In his years serving as assistant to the Joke Shop owner, this young goblin never heard one good word from his miserly and grouchy master. But, despite his eternal discontent with the assistant, the cunning Grildo knows that Zigori is a really talented and skilled craftsman who brings in a good profit for the shop.


Vergen the Miner


 Bats’ Den

A sinister and cagey magmar who has long worked in mountain gorges and caves, mining valuable ore for the inhabitants of Khair. With pickaxe in hand, Vergen works day and night, forgetting about fatigue, in the mines, where candles are his only source of light.


Pherapont the Miller



Pink-cheeked, bubbly and harmless, Pherapont is happy to meet everyone. He would welcome them into his house, feed and entertain them. Generation after generation all men in his family were millers, and he is happy to continue the tradition. Pherapont is used to falling asleep with the sound of the mill wings creaking, which he finds better than any lullaby.


Sanglier the Butcher


 Fort Dybrach

This huge and terrifying fellow is not a mad murderer, but a local family butcher. Housewives after the best piece of fresh meat for lunch can be found at the Sanglier's shop from the early morning. Curious children peep into the windows to get a glance of how he nimbly handles the meat carcasses.


Vaslav the Ranger


 Light’s Edge

A fearless guardian of the forest, who, people say, understands the language of the birds and beasts. Born locally, he knows every tree and every stone in the area like the back of his hand. Vaslav has walked through all the forest paths so even with his eyes closed he can get a lost traveller out of a swamp or guide them out of the sleeping forest.


Hawken the Forester


 Zviglod Grove

Mistrustful and moody, Hawken grew up in the depths of the forest and does not like talking to travellers that accidentally wander towards his hut. The forest ranger looks after the thickets, protecting his domain from attacks by the spawn of dark magic, the servants of Chaos and ignorant people, while the inhabitants of the forest make sure not to offend the ranger.




 Lumirya Waterfall

The fortune telling mage can determine what ailment a person is suffering from after just one look. Knowledge of ancient charms and spells and the skill to be able to use only the required properties of forest plants enable the witch doctor to heal the suffering, or, on the contrary, cause disease and harm.




 Luan Coast

This powerful chap can bend iron rods with his bare hands. He followed his father into the blacksmith profession and is very proud of his craft, doing all he can to protect the secrets of his family trade.




 Ancestral Mountains

Tungur feels more at home in his hot smithy than anywhere else. He is not very talkative or polite, but then the quality of his work is unequalled. All the best swords and battle axes have been forged in his workshop.


Groterbakh the Blacksmith


 Wind Rose

Day and night the work continues in the Wind Rose fortress's ancient forge, where the enormous stone giant tirelessly forges his famous weapons. Many years ago gnome mages created a blacksmith golem using secret runes, in order to create excellent swords, sharper than any other in the world. Since that day the silent monster has been ready to carry out any order for the right price.


Neville the Stalker


 Waltreia Outpost

The chief supplier of game and animal hides in Waltreia knows each and every trail in the dense forests and deep swamps of his native land and can track any monster. But for a long time the hunter has dreamed of meeting a powerful beast, which according to the legend his father told him, lives in a dark lair somewhere in the wilds of the mainland.


Mizgar the Stalker


 Rumengild Station

No one can track a wild beast in a thick forest or amongst the dangerous bogs at the Volcano's Edge better than Mizgar, which explains why he is the main provider of animal skins and fresh fowl in Rumengild. But each time when he ventures into the depths of the mainland tracking his prey, he is hoping to one day encounter a powerful ancient beast, stories of which he has heard from his father.


Gromur the Smithy


 Suburbs of Waltreia

This skilled craftsman comes from a dynasty of blacksmiths, the founder of which arrived in the Meridian Lands on the first ship of humans. Hot and fiery like his ever-burning furnace, Gromur blows of steam furiously hammering down at his work. He whole-heartedly believes in the wisdom of his ancestors and dreams about reviving their recipes for the most durable of alloys and special steel treatments.


Klangdil the Smithy


 Greerwood Village

The best smithy in the Meridian Lands, whose ancestors fixed the weapons and armour of the Magmars that arrived to these lands on the very first ship. Klangdil is easily irritated but only his iron blanks suffer from his bad temper as he smashes down on them with his hammer. This hardworking craftsman dreams about reviving the lost techniques of his ancestors, who dedicated their lives to the blacksmith work.


Bertina the Witch Doctor


 Suburbs of Waltreia

Where did this fragile girl find so much strength and compassion for all that is living to take on the heavy responsibility of caring for the wounded and washing the dead, helping women with their burdens and accompanying the old to the other world? In life Bertina the Witch Doctor never tried to burden anyone else, she always did her best to struggle with the hurt and unfairness of this world. Many children left orphaned by endless wars found refuge with her and she treated them all as if they were her own.


Moriskilda the Witch Doctor


 Greerwood Village

Devastating raids by cutthroats and gangs of robbers in the Meridian Lands left many children without their parents. The wretched orphans would probably had died had it not been for Moriskilda the Witch Doctor. She raises each child as if it were her very own. Sadly she had no children of her own, but every Faeo inhabitant knows that Moriskilda will just as easily take in a young tramp, the children of dead sailors or children left on her doorstep by their cruel mothers.


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