Miriam the Fortune Teller

Celestial Valley of the Gnomes

A young female member of the gnome clan telling fortunes for visitors of the celestial fair. Unlike most of her dignified people, she is more excitable, but still has a gentle nature. She's friendly to any strangers, yet doesn't miss an opportunity to relieve the odd purse of a couple of clinking coins. Only in return for a truthful prediction, of course!


Foemir the Gnome

Celestial Valley of the Gnomes

A wise and enlightened gnome fervently observing the customs of his people. Cordial to outsiders and amicable, he is nevertheless somewhat distrustful, which is understandable given the tragic history of his nation. Foemir is well respected by his fellows, who will often come to him to ask for advice or share some kind of information.






Last updated: January 2024



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