Mystras Inhabitants


Emir Vazilur

Ashduur Cove

The famous warrior and Commander of the Genies. His loyal henchmen defend the coast from uninvited guests and lead the tireless struggle against the creatures of the Underworld, coming through from the Fault. Vazilur has perfect self-control and never gives his feelings away in conversation, so we can only guess what his true ambitions and plans are.


Mandragora Almandra

Dindaat Forest

The talking root from the slopes of the mountain of Mystras is a mandrake that is not so young, but still extremely flirtatious. She loves chatting with travelers who have wandered into her region, especially when they're cute young warriors.


Old Fattar

Dindaat Forest

You couldn’t really say that the mushrooms of the mountain of Mystras live in a hectic social whirl, but still, they do have their own sheik. Fattar is a fair and extremely wise ruler. Or at least such is his own, very deeply held conviction. Still, some of those living in Mystras believe, regardless of what anybody says, that an old mushroom is just an old mushroom... And, in Fattar's case, a rather cantakerous one, too.


Caliph Valikhara


The Lord of the Genies living on the sacred Mountain of Mystras and in the surrounding area. Powerful, stern and intelligent - however, he has been ruling them for so long, and so successfully, that he sometimes trusts too much in the loyalty of his subjects.


Elendiyar the Keeper


A member of an ancient and noble family, Elendiyar has dedicated her life to serving the deity of the Genies. She's responsible for the safety of the altar and the sanctuary, where the inhabitants of the Mountain of Mystras bring their offerings and their prayers.


Mysterious Bizkhuf


A genie with a hard destiny - his past is lost in darkness and his speech full of riddles. He was born outside of Mystras, but after his parents died, he was adopted by the local blacksmith and he wholeheartedly fell in love with these lands.


Assaf the Blacksmith


A forging master who has learned every blacksmithing secret of the Genies. The hospitable and friendly Assaf welcomes guests, even if they have come from overseas.




A distrustful genie who doesn’t much like strangers from other continents appearing on the slopes of Mystras.




The Caliph's associate, responsible for the personal safety of the ruler and the tranquility of the capital. The task of a hard-edged and cunning beauty is to stop the secretive machinations of enemies, to uncover conspiracies and seek out traitors or Ifrit spies. Of course, any guest from overseas also invokes understandable doubts in Jasmine.






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