Day of the Warrior
The great war between humans and magmars is waged all year long and battles never end. But even in this ever fiery world there is a especially heated period during which battles happen at such a scale that it was called the «Warrior's Day»! This event takes place from 23rd till 25th day of every month. You have the whole month to prepare for the event, getting scalps at the Battlefields and bringing them to the great dragons Striagorn and Erifarius.


Warrior's Day
Blessing of the Dragons


Starting from 00:00 of the 23rd of each month as a reward for the scalps the Dragons hand out to the warriors 4 special amulets. If you use Decrepit Dragon Gift Amulet, you will get the Dragon's Blessing for a duration of 1 hour.


Ńņščąćīšķ Żščōąščóń

The strength of the blessing depends on the quantity of thescalps handed to the Dragon. From that moment onwards the Ancient plateaubecomes accessible where fights take place. 
Scalps handed to the Dragon and their Blessing














10 500   10260 8000


1000   12660 9000


1500   15460 10000


2000   18660 11000


2500   22260 12000


3000   26460 13000


3500   31460 14000


4000   37260 15000


4500   43860 16000


5000   51260 17000


5500   60260 18000


6000   70860 19000


6500   83060 20000


7000   96860 21000


7500   112260 22000

Attention! During the  Warrior's Day the strength of the blessing depends on the number of scalps handed to the Dragon during the span of the entire game so far. The current number of scalps handed can be seen in the «Attributes».  tab of each character


Attention! When the attribute  «Scalps handed to the dragon»  reaches milestone values that are listed in the table (10, 35, 85, ...) you will received bonus valour.

Ancient plateau


The battles are separated into level groups for the participants. Besides the regular combats there will be battles between the armies of the humans and the magmards with Great Dragons leading the army of each race. Those battles will take place 3 times per day.
The Dragons' battles have a special feature - the items don't break and every injury received in the battle is instantly healed.
Schedule of the fights

every day

at 10:00

every day

at 16:00

every day

at 22:00

Attention! These conditions are not valid for the other fights happening during this event.
In fights at the Ancient Plateau you will be able to get Trophy Hunters reputation, if you are under the influence of the Dragon's Blessing.
Attention! The reputation will increase only in case of victory over an opponent of your own level or 1 level lower or higher than your level.




Besides the above, slaying an enemy under the influence of the Dragon's Blessing will grant you achievements from the «Dragon's smashing Blade» series.


Smashing Dragon DaggerPunishing Dragon's PalmFiery Fury of DragonSizzling Dragon RageFatal Dragon PunishmentDragon Enemy Terror


Crush your enemies  during the event «Warrior's Day» at the Ancient Plateau!


Attention! To get an achievement you have to deal the most damage (compared to the other fight's participants on your side). Taking a scalp will not grant you the achievement.



Dragons summon the brave heroes of both races to come together in a battle at the Ancient Plateau!





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