Mage Chooli-a-Veyna


Riverhead of Wrath

A powerful sorceress of the ancient Eldive race, which has been involved in a centuries-old bloody war with the hated Kroffdors. Having received the secrets of their amazing magic from her forebears, Chooli-a-Veyna uses this knowledge for the prosperity of her people.




Mage Fairy-a-Maiya


Eldive Outpost

A hereditary witch of the ancient Eldive race, who dedicates her life to the sacred war against the Kroffdors and to defending the greatness of her race. Fairy-a-Maiya has unique magical abilities, which she received as a hereditary sorceress of a great tribe...




Warrior Glif-a-Mirey



A fearless warrior of the Eldive race, who has lent all of his strength and knowledge to the fight for victory over the eternal enemy - the Kroffdor tribe. Glif-a-Mirey obeys the laws of his people and follows tradition, and is a role model for young warriors.




Warrior Lemm-a-Ruviy


Vale of Visions

A fierce fighter against the hated Kroffdors, this Eldive Warrior is prepared to give up his life for the greatness and prosperity of his tribe. Lemm-a-Ruviy fights bravely on the battlefield, serving as a worthy example for newly recruited warriors.




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