The History of the Uborg


The Uborg is a strange phenomenon and so is of major interest to scholars. In my work I have dedicated an entire chapter to the monster, and tired to gather all the information I could. Of all the stories told about the origin of the Uborg, only one seems completely reliable, and I will retell it here in as much detail as possible.

Faeo historians know how in pervious centuries young adventure seekers were obsessed by tales of unimaginable treasures that had been hidden by the great sorcerer Goroshan. It was said that not long before his death he hid all his magical belongings at a great depth and then asked Mother Earth to cover the treasure in such a way as to obliterate all traces of it. Many people have tried to find Goroshan’s treasure, eager to own his artifacts, but nobody has succeeded. Perhaps the tales of his legacy are just fiction. Nevertheless, the people of Faeo would like to believe that they are true, and so time after time they undertake missions that are both arduous and dangerous. The most progress in this area was made by four Bringers of Evil. As four young but very talented black magicians they wandered the world for many years, searching everywhere for traces of the ancient treasure. But in the end their efforts came to nothing…

Then, tiring of their lack of success, they decided to force Mother Earth to give them what they wanted. After journeying to the ancient sanctuary of Mother Earth, the sorcerers started to work their dark magic. They had a truly terrible instrument at their disposal – black magic is hugely destructive. The Bringers of Evil performed terrible rites, burning animals alive and sacrificing innocent local villagers. They disturbed everything buried in the earth: the bones of countless creatures that had died over the centuries started a crazed dance, ripping up the earth that entombed them. The formerly beautiful Sanctuary of Mother Earth turned into a scorched field covered in blood and ash, with mounds of burnt and mutilated bodies. The earth blackened and cracked, but the sorcerers continued to torment her, using their entire arsenal of dark powers. “Give us that which is our due,” they intoned. And one day the exhausted Earth granted their wish. The ground gaped wide and from the abyss a monster of nightmarish proportions burst towards the eager Bringers of Evil. The bowels of the Earth disgorged a creature that embodied all the pain that she had recently suffered, and all the horror of the ritual tortures and sacrifices performed by the four sorcerers. The enormous beast with a hundred eyes and a thousand teeth took a long time to devour the four hapless sorcerers, grinding their bones to powder and squeezing every last drop of blood out of their bodies. Since that terrible day nobody in the upper world has been able to feel completely safe. Nobody can take a step on the ground in complete certainty that it will not open up in front of them and disgorge its terrible creation. The insane undertaking of the Bringers of Evil brought into the world a creature of primordial and everlasting evil – the most terrible thing ever to emerge from the bowels of the earth. The Uborg is never satiated by blood and the only way to stop it is to kill it.

I have carried out a lot of work putting together descriptions from those who have seen the Uborg. This was not a simple task, because almost all of the surviving witnesses have lost the power of speech or have gone mad. It is a rare few residents of Faeo that have seen the monster and retained their wits, despite the fact that their hair turned grey momentarily and their hands will tremble for the rest of their lives.

From what I have managed to learn, the Uborg resembles an enormous worm. There are rumors that his tail is connected to the very center of the earth, but this is nonsense. Nevertheless, it is difficult to estimate the length of his body, as usually when he is hunting he only sticks his head out from the ground. The Uborg’s head is huge; his mouth is filled with long, sharp teeth. He has multiple eyes, the very appearance of which can make the bravest warriors lose their reason and drive animals crazy with fear. Just below its head it has two tentacles that leave black burns on the skin if you are unfortunate enough to be touched by them. The Uborg’s entire body is protected by tough armor that even the sharpest blades have difficulty piercing.

Born of suffering, the Uborg has a keen response to it and emerges on the surface at the very moment when there is a battle underway, with lots of bloodshed. Many scholars are convinced that he only responds to tremors in the earth, but I disagree: battling warriors frequently exert no more pressure on the earth than, say, a traveling merchant. Nevertheless, the child of the dark earth only appears in places where the cries of the wounded and dying can be heard. Unfortunately, the answer to the most important question – how to defeat the Uborg, is still a mystery. Countless heroes have wracked their brains trying to find the Achilles heel on the body of the enormous worm. If any of them has discovered anything, then they have taken that knowledge with them to the bowels of the earth, where the Uborg invariably drags its victims.




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