Original Inhabitants of the Islands of Eternal Frost

White furry paws gently and quietly walk over the snowy surface, leaving giant footprints on the ground that could belong to only one creature – the Yeti. Sucking in air through its huge nostrils and snorting loudly, the giant opens its mouth, uttering a sharp guttural growl and baring its fierce fangs. Due to its hot breath, the hair on the muzzle of the beast is covered with beads of moisture, which instantly freeze like tiny icicles. The Yeti senses a stranger. The smell of the uninvited guest from another tribe is almost imperceptible; the icy wind disperses it, hiding virtually all traces of its presence. But the excellent sense of smell, with which nature had endowed the snow giants from birth, could not fail. An enemy is present, and this realization whips the Yeti into a rage. Snorting in anger once again, the hairy scout shakes his horned head and walks away from the shore, completely ignoring the researchers hiding in a nearby shelter. The creature has smelled them, but the smell was not hostile, they were his own. The Jukary have been very friendly to Humans since their first appearance on the Islands of Eternal Frost. But the Hantu, the second tribe of Yetis that lived on the other side, were their enemies of long-standing.

In a region of fierce storms and terrible frosts, where winter prevails throughout the year, the main goal is survival. Nourishing food saturated with fat is the main source of sustenance, and when someone tries to take away your booty, they invariably become a hated enemy. The inventive Hantu have created a special harpoon, with which they deftly spear the huge white predators that they stalk. The skillful Jukary have become world-class anglers, inventing a simple way to catch huge fish with clever hooks, from which they cannot escape. The Procurers in both tribes are highly valued, but they also put their lives at risk every day. After all, it is never possible to be fully sure that the snow drifts are not hiding aggressors from the neighboring tribe, ready to pounce and steal hard-earned prey. In addition, the enemy Scouts infiltrate the territory, cleverly covering up their tracks. Only their smell, which tribal members could never confuse with any other, betrays their presence. But the Yetis are only aggressive to their enemies; the shaggy giants only arouse terror in others at a first glance. The terrifying-looking monsters, with their huge fangs and curved horns, are quite kind and good-natured creatures. The Hantu were not only sympathetic to the presence of Magmars on their lands, but also tried to help the two-legged creatures with hot lava in their veins. This disposition of the wild creatures of the frozen islands could not but affect their attitude to the enemies of their friends. After bonding with the Ogriy dwellers, the Jukary began to share their hatred of Magmars, and did not tolerate their presence. And the Hantu, seeing the hostility of the Khair dwellers to the opposing race, took their side and behaved aggressively towards Humans

The Islands of Eternal Frost have become an incredible discovery for the residents of Faeo. The amazing stories of pioneers had intrigued both Humans and Magmars, who listened with genuine interest to stories about icebergs floating in the water, which were inhabited by strange tribes of Yeti that scientists have named Hantu and Jukary, based on the sounds which are most commonly uttered by these creatures. The first expedition to the frozen islands was made many years ago, and since then researchers have not managed to collect much information on the snowy lands. The gigantic islands with their majestic giants keep their secrets well hidden under a layer of centuries-old ice.

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