Enchanted Forest Saga

However familiar and habitual a forest is you can still encounter strange creatures, never seen before, and dangerous predators rambling around the thickets in search of new victims, or overgrown ravines that may trap the unwary traveller... The forest is a place full of the unknown and secrets and it is no wonder that the residents of Faeo are afraid to cut down a tree without need or to hunt for game just for amusement... Every resident of Ogriy and Khair knows that when wandering around the forest you must respect the forest creatures so that they do not trick the traveller and lead them to such a place from which there is no return...



But there are thickets that even experienced rangers and mages are afraid to go, even though they have good relations with the patrons of the forest... There is a forest in Faeo, once green and joyful but now full of mystical horror and nightmarish creatures, hungry for live flesh... Who could have desecrated the young trees with foul charms and released bloodthirsty and merciless spawn? As with many disasters that take place it all began with the work of a beauty – vindictive and mischievous, she used all her talents and skills to the detriment of the inhabitants of Faeo.


Once Edera had been a student of a druid, who had high hopes for her, hoping that one day she would continue his work... The kind sage opened up many secrets to Edera, he taught her to heal animals and understand birdsong, he told her the secrets of forest magic and spoke about the rituals that can vitalize dried up trees and raise fresh sprouts from the ground. Little by little Edera began to understand the power that lurks in the forest, the powers concealed in the earth, just waiting to be awakened... It was in vain that the old man told his follower that the time comes for all and that it is not worth intervening in nature’s incessant labour... It was all for nothing. In her conceited heart Edera already thirsted for power and triumph over the forest elements.



Deceiving her innocent teacher, Edera independently delved into the dark side of magic, studying prohibited spells and mixing with disgusting creations of the forest depths... Upon her summons came frantic Rootwraiths, maddened by the centuries, these creepy forest changelings turned towards her and swore to serve the sorceress to the end… To each of her terrible allies, Edera gave vile instructions directed against the inhabitants of the mainland. Putting spells on the roots and the shoots she pushed the border of the forest closer and closer to the farmers homes ruining crops with weeds and spiky bushes and covering the stone houses with ubiquitous shoots and destroying them… When the druid realized and saw for himself what his former student was doing with the help of magic, he was horrified and he exiled the dishonourable Edera from those parts, despite her protests and oaths. But it was already too late: the enchanted forest had already fallen under the power of the sorceress and fed her with its ancient power and life juices... Edera herself loss her former appearance and became like a forest spirit... Her body was partially covered with bark and her hair looked more and more like green thicket... But her face remained lovely and her words could be sweet and smooth, so many warriors trusted her and unwittingly helped her in her devastating plans...


Wood Nymph


The wilful beauty had to pay a terrible price for using the clandestine magic, including the most terrible curse given by the druids - Scourge of Life! As she carried out deeds that devoured her soul, Edera turned into an evil and terrible spirit of the forest, closely bound to the thickets with invisible ties... From then on her whole life depended on the well-being of the forest and every tree that died in that domain caused an acute pain in her heart… She could no longer leave the Enchanted Forest for by leaving it unprotected she was putting herself in danger... The only salvation for Edera and, at the same time, a trap, was her solitude. Wanting to protect the forest from woodcutters and hunters, Edera summoned all her evil servants to her aid and ordered them to protect the impenetrable trails from intruders. Much blood was spilt during the first years when the predators met lost children or hungry Changeling Shamans dragged careless mushroom pickers into their lairs... Warriors formed groups to try and rid the forest of the terrible creatures - but without success. As soon as they stepped into the forest it was as if shadows began to move behind their backs – these were mighty Squorgs lying in wait for the warriors and then driving them further and further to where the light of Mirrow could not be seen and bushes grew so thick that it was impossible to get through them. There they would die of hunger, exhausted by endlessly going around in circles, or become prey to one of the many forest beasts... Gradually even the most valiant warriors understood that it was better to avoid the Enchanted Forest, and the surrounding villages became empty, allowing the predatory shoots to get right through the masonry and move further and further.


Squorg Changeling Shaman


Who knows what will happen next and whether the inhabitants of Faeo can overcome the most powerful rival in the world - Nature? As changeable as the elements, Edera continues to plot, wanting to protect herself, spreading forest thickets throughout the mainland and destroying all creatures that inhabit it, except for her repugnant servants. Only someone fearless enough to get to the very heart of the forest can find Edera’s secret lair and be able to deal with this source of evil, that is spreading throughout Faeo. What treasures lurk in the lairs of the beasts, what secrets will be revealed along the way? The Enchanted Forest protects its secrets securely and its end or edge is not visible...



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