Discovery of Rocky Ranges and Volcano’s Edge


Since time immemorial humans and magmars have explored the world, making expeditions to the most remote corners of Faeo. Many years ago the ships of the first pioneers left Ogriy and Khair in search of new horizons and suffered a terrible storm. For several days the unfortunate sailors struggled with the furious storm, appealing to the mercy of the gods, and when the storm calmed, the travellers saw an unknown shore nearby, immersed in the setting Mirrow rays. That is how humans and magmars first came across the lands that were named Rocky Ranges and Volcano's Edge and what they found there exceeded all expectations.


The distant lands were inhabited by two amazing races, who initially disgusted the pioneers because they were so different in appearance to the inhabitants of Ogriy and Khair, but gradually the travellers got used to and stopped paying attention to their appearance. The first, the Maurins, were graceful and agile, like giant cats. The other race, the Zarolgs, looked like huge lizards and were harsh and warlike. These races were very different to each other and their territories could not have characterized each race better.




Immersed in bright rays of light and lush green, the flourishing village of the Maurins was situated in the very heart of the forest valley. Here everything breathed the unspoilt beauty of nature. 



A wild wind blew among the powerful summits of centuries-old trees, showering the earth with multi-coloured petals and emerald leaves, and silvery waterfalls created a wonderful sound that spread throughout the place in a quiet whisper. Huge sphere homes, bound to branches with tight vines, bob around serenely above the ground, providing a sense of calm and relaxation. Dozens of vigilant archers guarded the approaches to the refuge of the Maurins and they were ready to sound the alarm at any moment and release a stream of arrows at any enemy. 



It was a completely different story in the city within the gloomy grey rocks. This secluded spot, submerged in perpetual twilight, where mysterious shadows loomed and echoes reverberated, is the place the Zarlogs chose as their home. In the depths of the caves they built an entire underground city that looked like a huge labyrinth with confusing passages leading towards different directions. There was light in the roomy halls, just like above ground, thanks to the huge number of burning torches placed on the ground and hanging on the walls. There were rumours about countless treasures in the city of the Zarlogs, about precious stones and metals that decorated its lofty vaults. But nobody was able to see that for themselves: only the warlike masters new the secret passage in the mountains leading to their amazing underground city that was guarded by fierce guards.



The inhabitants of the Rocky Ranges and Volcano's Edge were openly mistrustful of the unexpected guests, but with time humans and magmars were able to find common ground with them. Perhaps the reason for this was the military skills that the travellers had, which commanded respect, but the many centuries of hostility between the races played a decisive role. The Maurins, who were unfamiliar with combat and lived in harmony with nature, were irreconcilable enemies of the aggressive and disciplinarian Zarlogs, so the appearance of brave foreign warriors was seen by each side as a chance to gain powerful allies. However, the pioneers had no intention of sticking around in the new lands. Filling the ship olds with natural riches, with which these lands were generously endowed, the humans and magmars planned to return home to report their discovery and then return. The Maurins and Zarlogs were filled with fear that their home territories would be ruined and opened up to all. They knew their peace would forever be destroyed and hundreds of invaders would turn up to their lands. For the first time the sworn enemies had one and the same goal. In the dark of night, without conspiring, they sunk the pioneers’ ships, cutting off the route home to the humans and magmars and making them prisoners. 



As the years passed, the forced migrants founded their own settlements in the area and built a city fortress to defend themselves against enemies. The maintained a fragile peace with the native races, like it or not favouring one of the two races. Gradually forging a way of life, the settlers from Ogriy and Khair began to farm the land, to catch fish, hunt and work with minerals. The search for minerals led them to forgotten caves near the abode of the zarlogs. The resources they found there exceeded all their expectations and despite the warnings of the lizard-like creatures, who spoke about an ancient evil concealed in the darkness, the humans and magmars continued to dig away. The ensuing collapse took many lives and helped bring to light a poisoned spring, the muddy waters of which were destructive to all living things. But the most terrible discovery was a narrow passage leading to a tiny cave, the walls of which were filled with strange drawings. They showed scenes of sacrifices and deaths. And if you looked at the half faced face of the executioners, you could see the signs of madness.

From then on the residents of the Rocky Ranges and Volcano's Edge kept away from the terrible place, for the ancient drawings clearly showed a message from the past, warning about the awakening of a powerful evil... 


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