Arriving at Faeo.


      The Firstborn; also known as The First of his Kind, the Chosen One, and His Image, was the first creation of both God Egos and God Vulcan. After the Great War had ended and the Universe was recovering, the Gods came together in a Grand Assembly. There, the Gods decided to create creatures blessed with souls. God Egos created Humans and God Vulcan created Magmars



      The first beings that they both created were made in their own image. They were special. They were given almost identical facial features as their creators. They were given special powers that none other of their kind would receive. They would never age. They were even given the powers to communicate with their creators. They were to serve as the connection between the God and their kinsmen.

      The Gods knew that if their creations were to survive, they would need a divine helping hand. The Firstborn were going to communicate the wishes of their people to the Gods. After that, the Gods created other members of the races. And so, life began

In the beginning, life was simple. Both races were on their own respective planets, living their lives oblivious of outside races. The Firstborn were their guides, but rather than people discovering basic necessities on their own, they just wished it. The Firstborns were seen as priests, a being people could go and ask for things that they wanted. People wished for warmth, the Gods gave them fire. People wished for protection from elements, structures formed from clay. People wished to get rid of their hunger; food fell from heavens to satisfy them. Whatever people desired, the Firstborns conveyed to the Gods and people received. The Gods were very generous and lenient in the beginning. But people misused this power. They grew lazy. They started taking this boon for granted. Whatever they did not like, they wished an end to. People started getting greedy and envious of one another and wished for each other’s demise. Generations passed, but the trend remained the same. At last, the Gods grew tired of it. They grew tired of their creation which always just wanted. Their creation that was not ready to sustain on their own.

One day, the Gods stopped answering. There was complete silence. This worried the Firstborns. Their purpose seemed to be no more. People saw this as the start of the end. They started looting and pillaging any resources they found on their planet. The Firstborns had to find a solution soon. Their world was slowly dying. If this kept on, their race, their own people, would become extinct.

o find a solution to this problem, the Firstborns reached out to the Gods. After weeks of worshiping, the Gods finally answered. God Egos and God Vulcan invited the Human and Magmar Firstborns to their joint court. This was the first time when both Firstborns realised that they were not the only beings in the universe. In that court, the Firstborns stood, with one crucial task: either convince the Gods for a solution to their problem or watch their race become extinct.

God Egos: “My creation, the beings I created with such compassion, hard work and love does not possess any such qualities. They have failed”

God Vulcan: “The fire that every magmar had inside them, they have doused it with their dull behavior.”

God Egos: “And look at it now. The moment I step away, all the resort to is violence and destruction.”

God Vulcan: “I say this with a heavy heart, but the right course will be to let them perish.”

*After a few moments of silence*

Magmar Firstborn: “Lord, I urge you to change your mind. As a teacher, I take responsibility of my students and I cannot abandon them.”

Human Firstborn: “You, my Lord, are our father. A father cannot just abandon their child.”

Magmar Firstborn: “My people, your children, they will change. They can and will be better.”

*The pleading and attempt to convince by the Firstborns lasted for quite some time. In the end, after a long pause*

God Vulcan: “It is decided. We will give them one last chance.”

God Egos: “What do you want from me?”

Human Firstborn: “It will be a great blessing if you can reverse our planet to its former glory.”

God Egos: “I am afraid, but that is not possible. Only the Creator possesses enough power to do so.”

God Vulcan: “But we both have discussed and decided on the course of action. We know of a world, vast and beautiful. It is rich in resources and is suitable for life. In fact, it houses many other races.”

God Egos: “You and some of your people will be teleported to this world. Their memories will be wiped and they will not remember anything from before.”

God Vulcan: “You need to be the teacher of these people to guide them in this new world. Teach them good ways. To not create the same mistakes as last time, no wishes will be granted.”

Both Gods: “Our blessings are with you. Hope you can make them better this time.”

*Both Firstborns bow*

 soon as the Firstborns bowed, they vanished in thin air. As they woke up, they found themselves in an unfamiliar place. Around them, they found 100 of their people who look much more confused than the Firstborns. Quickly realising, that this as the new world, the Firstborns gathered their people and guided them on their new journey.



 Emergence of Battlefield. 



      With the guidance from the Firstborns, the people developed intricate societies. They formed governments, allocated tasks, started trades etc. Some chose a simpler way of life, working in foundries and as mercenaries. As the society developed over centuries, the Firstborns took the role of high priests in the temple and continued their task of teaching their people. While worshiping the Gods, the Firstborns wore a mask that symbolised anonymity. It was to show the Gods that all their prayers were not for their personal desires, but were from their people as whole. Even though they tried to stay away from settlement works and politics, they often found themselves in the middle of it. Councils sought wisdom from the Firstborns before doing any task. The Firstborns also organised religious festivals in the worship of their creator.


      One night, the Firstborns had a dream unlike any other. They were back in the court room from centuries ago. In unison the Gods spoke to them. “You have done amazing work, my child. I have deemed that you all are ready to once again have divine power in your life. But only the worthy shall receive it. Only ask for the worthy.” With a smile, the Firstborns woke up and realised what was needed to be done. Year 283 marked the beginning of battlefields, where a selected few from both the races were to go to fight their enemy. They were in equal numbers and their task was to collect a specific number of crystals for their teams. An ancient abandoned temple was chosen as the site of battles. This ancient temple was rich in crystals which would be perfect for this purpose. While the Firstborns were against open battles, as they were afraid of history repeating itself and people going savage, they endorsed this kind of contained battle. These battles only took part, once a year.


      The winning team was rewarded with wishes from their priest, and the Gods would grant these. After a century passed, and both the interest and population increased, many people voiced their concerns to the Firstborns that these battles were not enough to satisfy them. After hearing the concerns, a new site was picked for a new and more intense style of battlefield. In the year 386, a crystalline cave was picked to be the location of the new battlefield. Fights in this cave were much more intense, with larger teams and more points required for victory. This continued for centuries and the times remained relatively peaceful.





Betraying the light that sacrificed it all (Human Firstborn)


      Days were going well in the Human city of Leyton. But times were changing. People were getting restless and fear was taking hold from the rumours related to Leyton Forest. Elder Phyonius the Sage was one of the dearest pupils of the Firstborn in this century. He was an impeccable head of the City council. The Elder always consulted the Firstborn on every matter, but the Firstborn had faith in any decision taken by Phyonius.

      One night, during his regular praying ceremony in the temple, the human Firstborn had a premonition. His prayer was disrupted by a voice coming from his mask. His body felt weak and he felt that he could not move or speak. After a short while, things went back to normal. This was the same night when Letzest was found wandering around outside the city. Letzest was one of the guards who were sent on a patrol to Leyton Forest. (See the Chronicles ‘Era of Change’)


      That night, the council decided to burn down the cursed place and the killer tree in Leyton Forest. As usual, Phyonius visited the Firstborn to discuss the decision. For the first time, the Firstborn was against a decision made by the council, while it was being headed by Phyonius. The Firstborn mentioned his concern that the forest had been there before their time, and should not be messed with. He again made sure to mention his opposition against wars and the destruction of the environment. Phyonius left with a promise to the Firstborn, that he would try his best to stop the expedition.

      Shortly afterwards, the Firstborn had an unusual visitor. It was Ander, the young, hot headed councillor who suggested burning down the killer tree. He was also part of the people who were against the Firstborn’s idea of not going to war with anyone. He believed that humans were capable of ruling the world and that the Firstborn was a traitor to his people.


      The Firstborn welcomed Ander to the temple and Ander claimed that he arrived to dedicate a prayer to the Gods. The Firstborn, with joyous mood, wore his mask and walked towards the altar. He was closely followed by Ander. As the Firstborn stood there, chanting the prayers, Ander took out his dagger. With a quick and powerful thrust, he struck the Firstborn in the back. The Firstborn stumbled and fell to the ground. Ander quickly took out his dagger and left the temple.

the Firstborn was taking his last breath, his centuries of life flashed before his eyes. He remembered how he had begged the Gods to save his race, how he sacrificed everything to make sure his people did not go once again. He felt the grief that he was betrayed by his own people, who he had done everything for. In his dying breath and with all his might, he spoke a curse into his mask. “I, the Firstborn of humans, the light that guided their path, lay here betrayed. *cough* I make my own destiny. By the powers of God Egos, with my last strength, I cast my soul into this mask I wear and …. The day shall come when I will rise again.” With those words, the Firstborn’s body became still. As the Firstborn passed away, so did the blessings of God Egos. The connection was severed, and God Egos left for His abode in heaven.

very next day, the humans burned down the killer tree and decided to have festival that night. Phyonius, contrary to his routine, decided not to visit the Firstborn as he did not want to face his teacher after he did what his teacher was against. After the start of the war with the dark elves, one of the catapults misfired and crushed the temple, burying the body of the Human Firstborn (To learn more about the war, see the Chronicles ‘Era of Change’).



Dousing of the flame that kept everyone alive (Magmar Firstborn)

lived a simple life. People worked as mercenaries, miners etc. Life was going well for all. The Firstborn, taking the role of high priest, adorning with mask, carried out prayers and rituals in temples. He was also a teacher, and taught Magmars about the way of life, and helped children become better people.


      One such child was Andelvan. (See the Chronicles ‘Era of Change’) After his grandmother passed away, he joined the temple. His grandmother had told him about the Firstborn and now he wanted to learn from him. Andelvan spent years, training and learning under the Firstborn. He learned about the Gods, about the ways of life and even about combat. Just like his grandmother’s stories, he absorbed all the knowledge from the Firstborn. But one thing he kept secret; one thing that he held close to his heart. He never mentioned the Rod of Fire to anyone and kept it well hidden. This was something that his grandmother trusted him with, and he was going to keep that trust.


      The Firstborn was proud of his pupil, who started uniting their people. The Firstborn had taught him to never go to war and to live in peace. But he always had that unsettling feeling when Andelvan was in the temple. He could sense the presence of a sinister force, but he had no way to pinpoint it. Over the years, Magmars grew from small bands to a coordinated empire under Andelvan.


      That’s when the fateful news arrived to the Firstborn that Andelvan has decided to march into war against the orcs, who were advancing from the Mentaliya Mountains. Troubled, he quickly summoned Andelvan to the temple for meeting. After Andelvan arrived, the Firstborn saw the Rod of Fire for the first time and quickly realised the source of that eerie and sinister presence. He begged Andelvan to destroy it, explaining how it was the one controlling all his actions and would ultimately lead to the destruction of the entire Magmar race. But it was fruitless, as the power of the Rod seemed to be in complete control. Without any warning, Andelvan leapt at the Firstborn and, with a swift blow, pierced the Firstborn with his short sword.


      The Firstborn immediately fell to the ground and Andelvan left for his conquest. Although the life force was quickly draining away from the Firstborn, his flame was still ignited. With his wavering strength, he muttered in his mask, "I, the Firstborn of Magmars, the one that carries the original flame from Magma, lie here killed by my own. But I swear on the life-giving magma and on my God Vulcan, that I will return. I leave behind this mask, which will carry my soul and I will wait for the right time to reincarnate.” With that, the Firstborn left his mortal body. The idol in the temple cracked and God Vulcan left for His abode in heaven.


      As the war grew, Ogrend’s terrible incantation burned all of Magrimar (To learn more about the war, see the Chronicles ‘Era of Change’). In that magical destruction, the Firstborn’s body was forever lost.


The Mask and The Memory

      It is a popular belief that people live as long as their memories are alive. For centuries after the murder of the Firstborns, their memories stayed alive in one form or another. In fact, even when the Great Dragons came to Faeo, they felt the presence of the Firstborns. Their battlefields were rediscovered, and battles started taking place once again.


      Those masks were never discovered. People slowly forgot about its existence or even the existence of the Firstborns. Though it is said that the day those masks are discovered, the Firstborns will return.



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