Magical creatures
Living Rock

Living Rock

Gorge of Gondi

This sapient rock, dark and silent, came to Faeo when the world was still young and has seen Gods come and go and whole races destroyed. The Living Rock is wise and could have plenty to tell the current sages and chroniclers, but higher order creature does not waste time talking to mortals.



River Maid

River Maid

Paradise Corner

One can never guess the secrets hidden deep within the cool blue eyes of the celestial creature, dwelling in a fast river in Paradise Corner. She shall never know the touch of death, for time has no power over the silent and beautiful River Maid. The knowledge in her possession is truly invaluable, for she has seen epochs turn, whole civilizations crumble, and others ascend to glory.




Tuigun the Shaman

Tomb of Kings

An incarnation of mysterious shadow magic, the secret of how it appeared in Faeo is not known. A vast shadow cloud with glowing red eyes, Shadow is highly intelligent and represents something powerful and terrible, which no sorcerer in this world can cope with.



Lady Dawn

Lady Dawn

Lumirya Waterfalls

The young daughter of the star Mirrow, daytime light that illuminates the world of Faeo with its warm glow. The unique beauty of the creature enthralls with its pristine freshness and purity, she is entirely wove of soft light and shining rays. Sublime and fascinating, Lady Dawn is the chief bearer of light magic in the world.



Christmas Spirit

Christmas Spirit

O'Delvays Square

Dartrong Square

A wonderful spirit, without which Faeo cannot have Christmas. He brings good cheer and does away with boredom, filling the air with magic and helping to create a festive atmosphere, warming hearts with love and kindness. Every year the Spirit comes to Faeo in the guise of a Snowman, but in order to do so he needs the help of the good hearted inhabitants.




Grandfort Castle

Faytvor Castle

This faceless knight and almighty spirit of the ancient castle was eternally united with his stone halls by the imperious hand of fate and doomed to only ever be its short-term keeper. People have recounted many legends and stories about the mysterious Gelderion, but which of these stories is the truth and which are fiction will forever remain a secret.






Mysterious creatures who were once of your own race. An evil dozing within the bowels of the mountains changed them. The managed to get rid of the dark shackles that had captured their minds and free themselves from the power of evil, but their appearance will always remain the way we see it now. They also kept some of the knowledge and abilities given to them by evil. One of these skills is visions...

March 2021


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