Sirsh Khashes


The broad-shouldered leader belongs to the highest caste of the Zarlog people, and is privileged and respected. Every tattoo on his powerful body marks a victory in battle, of which the menacing and inflexible Khashes has many under his belt.


Sirsh Sakkrus


Cold calculation and ruthlessness have made the Zarlog leader a superior warrior, which is indicated by the many tattoos, which decorate his powerful body. Born to a noble family in the highest caste of the warlike people, Sakkrus is privileged and respected.


Young Ishshur


This carefree Zarlog has never felt the urge to go into battle, unlike most of his kind. He values his life much more than any battle glory or valour... Since childhood, he has been drawn to scrolls and books about magic that were sometimes left by the brave souls that made forays into the Lost City. This cowardly but ambitious lizard is capable of causing a great deal of trouble in Faeo through his ill-considered actions.


Young Fiosso


Despite his youth, Fiosso perfectly understands the many rites and rituals that apply to Zarlogs throughout their lives. The cunning scaly creature is eager for knowledge, but his severe tribe does not really trust him… In order to gain recognition and respect among his kind, Fiosso is even willing to do something criminal… Can this jumped up youth be saved and put on the right path?


Zarrukhs the Merchant

Okteon the Scientist



The prudent and quick-witted Zarrukhs has an unrivalled skill when it comes to closing deals, but he never stoops to cheating. Belonging to a lower caste, his fate was predetermined: without the chance to become a sirsh, he received permission to handle trade affairs between the Zarlogs and other races of the Meridian Lands. Zarrukhs exchanges the wondrous items made or obtained by his fellow tribe members for Zarlog coins.


March 2021


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