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The character XOnOX in the MMORPG Legend-Legacy of the Dragons.

The Legend of XOnOX

“Are you sure, it’s up this pass?” - “Of course I am, love.” - “You said that 20 minutes ago, and then we ended up walking in circles!” - “That was because you kept saying, that we needed to go back, because you left the oven on!” - “Well if Mr. Food-on-the-Table would for once in his life set foot in the kitchen, I would not have to worry about stuff like that!” - “Hah! The last time I tried that, your mother nearly had a fit!” - “Leave my mother out of this!” - “Prey, why? She is part of every other conversation we have!” ...

The couple had reached another outcrop in the Chion Mountains. From here they could look down on the path that led all the way up to the Plateau of Silence. “See? I told you, the Magmars were preparing something!” – “If all the stories you hear in the pub while losing all your Conlegret Cards drunk as a skunk turned out to be true, I’d be a happy woman!” - “At least I have some Cards to lose!”...

The couple and their mounts continued in this fashion on their path. It has to be mentioned, that while all this was going on between the two, both were smiling and winking at each other. Any beholder would have been reminded of two teenagers in love that were happily fighting the battle of the sexes.

... “Yeah? Well how would you like it, if I brought back chopped-off heads every night and left them on the table?” Summer did not rise to this; instead she looked intently at her companion and nodded towards the upcoming bend in the road. XOnOX noted this with a nod of his own and continued in a louder voice. “At least you could dry them out like normal people do! Having this MagmarSkum’s stink in house is not good for your health, you know!” His words hid the sounds of him and his wife drawing their blades and unleashing their mounts. And they probably provoked what happened next: As they were only a few feet from the turn, a horde of Magmars rushed them! A dozen wild warriors with murder in their eyes, screaming a hellish battle cry, erupting from the rocks and bushes along the path and, weapons drawn, they headed straight for the two humans. But the couple was more than prepared: This had been their aim all along. “Till Death!” both roared and took up their bloody work, warriors of Ogriy that they were.

Within seconds the first Magmars lay butchered by a lady on the ground having mistaken Summer for a beauty without grit and completely misjudging her superb dodger skills. XOnOX had beheaded the first two assailants in one mighty stroke and was in the process of stabbing and disembowelling the next. The melee did not last long as the Humans stood their ground, littering nature with hacked off limbs and dead bodies.

When all but five Magmars had been killed, XOnOX realised just in time, that one of the hated foe had gotten behind his wife and was about to deal a lethal blow to the woman’s skull. In two giant strides he was by the Magmar’s side, said “Excuse me, but that’s my woman!” into the man’s ear, before he shoved four feet of cold O’Delvays steel through his intestines.

Summer had meanwhile killed or maimed the remaining warriors. She turned around, realised what had just happened behind her back, pulled XOnOX close with her free arm and gave him a long passionate kiss. “I will be with you to the end of days, until this world turns into shadows. I love you.”



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