Arsenal goods
Rank Available products Price
 Recruit - -
 Soldier Amulet of Attack - Zigred  5
 Fighter Rune of Speed Sid  2  50
Amulet of Attack - Pkhadd  12
Protection Bezel Byal I  2
Bezel of Negation I  2  50
Barrier Bezel Byal I  10
 Warrior Amulet of Attack - Tiger  17
Protection Bezel Ing I  3
Bezel of Negation II  5
Barrier Bezel Ing I  15
 Elite Warrior Rune of Speed Sid  5
Warrior's Belt  15
Protection Bezel Chud I  4
Bezel of Negation III  7  50
Barrier Bezel Chud I  20
Special poisoning scroll  12  80
 Champion Protection Bezel Tias I  5
Bezel of Negation IV  10
Barrier Bezel Tias I  25
Inflammation Folio  5  40
Earthly Rage Folio  5  40
Choking Cloud Folio  5  40
Shackles of Light Folio  5  40
Night Frost Folio  5  40
Chain Lightning Folio  5  40
 Gladiator Protection Bezel Byal II  6
Bezel of Negation V  12  50
Rune of Speed Sid  7  50
Barrier Bezel Byal II  30
 Captain Protection Bezel Ing II  7
Bezel of Negation VI  15
Barrier Bezel Ing II  35
 War Master Protection Bezel Chud II  8
Bezel of Negation VII  17  50
Rune of Speed Sid  10
Barrier Bezel Chud II  40
Calcification Folio  10
Swamp Gas Folio  10
Wall of Fire Folio  10
Wrath of Stars Folio  10
Wave of Cold Folio  10
Thunderstorm Folio  10
 Hero Hero Belt  50
Protection Bezel Tias II  9
Bezel of Negation VIII  20
Bezel of Penetration I  4  40
Reflection Bezel I  4  40
Barrier Bezel Tias II  45
 War Expert Protection Bezel Byal III  10
Bezel of Negation IX  22  50
Bezel of Penetration II  4  80
Reflection Bezel II  4  80
Barrier Bezel Byal III  50
 War Grandmaster Protection Bezel Ing III  11
Bezel of Negation X  25
Bezel of Penetration III  5  30
Reflection Bezel III  5  30
Barrier Bezel Ing III  55
Blind Shadow Folio  7
Power of Fire Folio  7
Sandstorm Folio  7
Wind of Fury Folio  7
Numbness Folio  7
Agony of Light Folio  7
 Marshall Protection Bezel Chud III  12
Bezel of Negation XI  27  50
Bezel of Penetration IV  5  90
Reflection Bezel IV  5  90
Barrier Bezel Chud III  60
 Higher Master Protection Bezel Tias III  13
Bezel of Negation XII  30
Bezel of Penetration V  6  40
Reflection Bezel V  6  40
Barrier Bezel Tias III  65
 Lord Protection Bezel Byal IV  14
Bezel of Penetration VI  7  10
Reflection Bezel VI  7  10
Barrier Bezel Byal IV  70
Bezel of Negation XIII  32  50
Dancing Flame Folio  12
Earth Roar Folio  12
Embrace of Gloom Folio  12
Punishing Ray Folio  12
Ice Captivity Folio  12
Divine Punishment Folio  12
 Legendary Conqueror Protection Bezel Ing IV  15
Barrier Bezel Ing IV  75
Burning Glaze Folio  10
Sandy Glaze Folio  10
Radian Glow Folio  10
Snow Glaze Folio  10
Dark Glaze Folio  10
Thundery Glaze Folio  10
Bezel of Penetration VII  8
Reflection Bezel VII  8
Bezel of Negation XIV  35
 Lord of the Battle Protection Bezel Chud IV  16
Barrier Bezel Chud IV  80
Bezel of Penetration VIII  9  20
Reflection Bezel VIII  9  20
Bezel of Negation XV  37  50
 Conqueror Protection Bezel Tias IV  17
Barrier Bezel Tias IV  85
Bezel of Penetration IX  10  50
Reflection Bezel IX  10  50
Bezel of Negation XVI  40
Shroud of Fire Folio  9
Stonestorm Folio  9
Touch of Darkness Folio  9
Cold Anger Folio  9
Curse of the Heavens Folio  9
Damaging Light Folio  9
Sandy Glaze Folio II  20
Dark Glaze Folio II  20
Burning Glaze Folio II  20
Thundery Glaze Folio II  20
Snow Glaze Folio II  20
Radiant Glaze Folio II  20
 Triumphator Protection Bezel Byal V  18
Barrier Bezel Byal V  90
Bezel of Penetration X  12
Reflection Bezel X  12
Bezel of Negation XVII  42  50
 Chosen by Gods Protection Bezel Ing V  19
Barrier Bezel Ing V  95
Bezel of Penetration XI  14
Reflection Bezel XI  14
Bezel of Negation XVIII  45
Sandy Glaze Folio III  30
Dark Glaze Folio III  30
Burning Glaze Folio III  30
Thundery Glaze Folio III  30
Snow Glaze Folio III  30
Radiant Glaze Folio III  30
Awards of the Underground Knights
Set Things Rank
Armour of Destruction The Armour of Destruction  Champion
The Cuisses of Destruction
The Axe of Destruction  Gladiator
The Chainmail Shirt of Destruction  Captain
The Boots of Destruction
The Pauldrons of Destruction  War Master
The Bracers of Destruction
The Helmet of Destruction  Hero
Reflection Armour Armour of Reflection  Champion
Cuisses of Reflection
Sword of Reflection  Gladiator
Shield of Reflection
Chainmail Shirt of Reflection  Captain
Boots of Reflection
Pauldrons of Reflection  War Master
Bracers of Reflection
Helmet of Reflection  Hero
Jaguar Armour Armour of the Jaguar  Champion
Cuisses of the Jaguar
Sword of the Jaguar  Gladiator
Dagger of the Jaguar
Chainmail Shirt of the Jaguar  Captain
Boots of the Jaguar
Pauldrons of the Jaguar  War Master
Bracers of the Jaguar
Helmet of the Jaguar  Hero
Great Lizard's Armour Great Lizard Cuirass  War Expert
Great Lizard Cuisses
Great Lizard Sword  War Grandmaster
Great Lizard Shield
Great Lizard Pantsir  Marshall
Great Lizard Boots
Great Lizard Pauldrons  Higher Master
Great Lizard Bracers
Great Lizard Helmet  Lord
Arkhon's Armour Arkhon Cuirass  War Expert
Arkhon Cuisses
Arkhon Sword  War Grandmaster
Arkhon Dagger
Arkhon Chainmail  Marshall
Arkhon Boots
Arkhon Pauldrons  Higher Master
Arkhon Bracers
Arkhon Helmet  Lord
Contrition Armour Contrition Cuirass  War Expert
Contrition Cuisses
Contrition Battle Axe War Grandmaster
Contrition Chainmail  Marshall
Contrition Boots
Contrition Pauldrons  Higher Master
Contrition Bracers
Contrition Helmet  Lord
Armour "Protector of the Heavens" Protector of the Heavens Cuirass  Legendary Conqueror
Protector of the Heavens Cuisses
Protector of the Heavens Axe  Lord of the battle
Protector of the Heavens Shield
Protector of the Heavens Pantsir  Conqueror
Protector of the Heavens Boots
Protector of the Heavens Pauldrons  Triumphator
Protector of the Heavens Bracers
Protector of the Heavens Helmet  Chosen by Gods
Armour "Call of Courage" Call of Courage Cuirass  Legendary Conqueror
Call of Courage Cuisses
Call of Courage Sword  Lord of the battle
Call of Courage Dagger
Call of Courage Chainmail  Conqueror
Call of Courage Boots
Call of Courage Pauldrons  Triumphator
Call of Courage Bracers
Call of Courage Helmet  Chosen by Gods
Armour "Cunning Beast" Cunning Beast Cuirass  Legendary Conqueror
Cunning Beast Cuisses
Cunning Beast Staff  Lord of the battle
Cunning Beast Chainmail  Conqueror
Cunning Beast Boots
Cunning Beast Pauldrons  Triumphator
Cunning Beast Bracers
Cunning Beast Helmet  Chosen by Gods


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