A player's guide
The following guide has been written by the player Moonwalker in order to help newcomers with the tactics of a Great Battle. As a basic rule, we advise you to look at the battle stats before entering any Great Battle in progress. Furthermore we suggest you ask in the main chat if it is alright to join. 

At the start of a Great Battle it's "the more, the merrier": Low levels should join as soon as they can. But as soon as the battle becomes tactical and most of the participants are dead you should adhere to this guide.

Definition: A battle becomes "Great" when there are 10 players on each side (summons dont count). Players have to be of opposing races.

Great Battle Properties: A great battle is different from the ordinary one in several ways. Firstly, once a battle is great, you cannot call summons, steeds, or send verditsa/rainbow creeps into the fights. 

After the fight every player regardless of the outcome gets valour. 

Every player, dead or alive, influences the strength meter that can be found on top when opening the fight log. 
Weight Distribution
Level Weight Max. Weight Difference Max Team Weight
1 1 3 70
2 1 3 80
3 2 4 107
4 3 5 157
5 4 6 251
6 6 9 382
7 9 13 592
8 13 18 897
9 18 25 1258
10 27 35 1930
11 53 69 2944
12 64 83 4827
13 78 94 7937
14 94 113 12218
15 114 137 18350

What the hell does all of the above mean?

Weight is how much your entrance into the fight will affect the strength meter. I. E. There is a balanced fight, strength meter shows equal for Magmars and Humans, a level 11 player enters = your side meter goes to +53.

Max Weight Difference is a number, after reaching which the sum of individual character weights, nobody will be able to enter the fight. It is determined by the highest level in the battle on either side. I. E. If the highest level is 9, once the weight difference reaches 25 (absolute valur of the difference of sums of individual weights across the two teams, aka (Player 1A+Player 2A+Player 3A)-(Player 1B+Player 2B+Player 3B), once that difference reaches 25, nobody will be able to enter the fight for that side until a higher level joins fight raising the max weight difference, or just more players join the weaker side lowering the difference while leaving the upper limit intact.

Max Team Weight - pretty self explanatory. Set by the highest level on that team, once the individual sum of weights reaches that number - nobody can join on that side unless a higher level joins and sets a new max limit. I. E. If the highest level is 5, after reaching 251 points nobody will be able to enter. But then if a 9 enters - a bunch of new players will be able to enter assuming the weight difference allows them to.

If there are 100 people per side - battle becomes Epic.
If 400 are on each side - it becomes a Slaughter.

For Great Battles you will be getting reputation points: 
Winning Great Battle 10 points, Epic - 20, Slaughter - 50
Losing Great Battle 1 point, Epic - 5, Slaughter - 10

There is no reward for this reputation yet. Rumors are that thery will be analogues of superblows, but for mages.

Commonsensical Tips from my experience of GBs in Legend: Legacy of the Dragons.

1. The most important players are mages. Players levels 1-6 inclusive should not be joining later in the fight, they only increase the team weight and may make it impossible for an ally mage to enter the fight, or even worse, let an enemy mage enter it because of the weight shifting.

2. Leading from number 1, it is ALWAYS important to ask before entering the fight. Regardless of your coolness, rank, level - ask the highest level player (or the one you deem most experienced at GBs) whether or not you should enter. You may be willing to help, but instead will spoil everything. There will be floods in chat driving you into battle - from your warlords and the Info, but please listen to your mind first.

3. Before even considering entering the fight realize one simple thing: you will take up weight. Should you be in it, or will you jeoperdize the victory? If you do decide to join - make sure you do your the best you can.

4. "The Best You Can" includes, but is not limited to: 1. Buffs. 2. Elixirs of Power - regardless of your fighting style, if you are not a mage - get a few slots of them, you cannot use blood potions on mages, but power could give you quite a bit of damage off of them; have at least 1 scroll of resurrection in your pocket. Resurrecting a dead mage might be crucial to winning the fight, especially if the enemy doesnt have any more mages. Get some poison - it will serve your team even after you die. Get a slot of charm dispersals - remove poisons (including magic!) from your own race mages, and dont forget healing scroll s - use them immediately on the mage you just resurrected. If you do not fulfill most of the conditions above - your enterance in the fight is pointless and will only harm your team. Sure, you can get 1 giant pot and 7 lifes... but what good are they when a mage will kill you faster than you heal? Helping stronger players by playing a secondary role in the battle is the best way to go in GBs for players 7-10 level.

5. Use your brain. The only way to win great battles is by working like parts of a clock - everyone is doing their own job, and aids to the victory. You may be tempted to save slots for life potions and get more damage, but who needs that damage if you lose, dont get as much reputation, dont get as much valour as you could, and worse of all, help your enemy get the latter two?

P. S. Side note. Low levels, do not be depressed. there will be special events for us, too, where people will be either only levels 1-5, or 6-10, with 1-4 and 6-9 getting very strong reinforcements to balance the disadvantages out. Those will have great prizes such as UyarrMO armor (helmet, sword, pauldrons), and will bring you fun, valour, and GB reputation. Keep an eye on the News.

Best of Luck

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