Wise Men
Flavviy the Wise

 Settlement of Faytir

An old resident of Dartrong, the adviser of the City Elder, a prophet, a philosopher and the keeper of the sacred writings and scrolls, through him the ancient knowledge is being passed down the generations of Magmars.


Pandrik the Wise

 Light’s Edge

This old resident of O’Delvays and constant advisor to the elder prefers to be alone because he spends all day at home studying ancient folios and manuscripts. A keeper of scriptures and precepts, Pandrik has reached the heights of spiritual truth.


Globius the Learned

  Pacifist Hills

A learned man who has produced many scientific works and is dedicated to technological progress in the world of Faeo. He busies himself with inventions in the hope of achieving fame with an ingenious creation.



Avelius the Scholar

  Thorn Apple Brushwood

Young and gifted, Avelius has been fascinated with different branches of science since childhood and decided to dedicate his life to it in the hope of making great scientific discoveries and doing something useful for his nation.



Lady Guinevere


It is not an easy thing to get into the good graces of this haughty beauty, who is a member of an ancient family and is known for her interest in sorcery. She knows nothing of worldly pleasures and entertainments and spends all her time studying ghostly creatures and experimenting with creating new types of wraiths from all sorts of creatures.


Lady Cordelia

Domain of Winds

From birth this haughty beauty has had a rare gift, which is passed down from generation to generation through the maternal line of this ancient family. The world if the dead is is much greater interest to her than everyday life, and so this severe lady has given herself over completely to experiments with incarnating spirits and creating new types of wraiths from all sorts of creatures.


 February 2021



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