Gloum the Swindler

 Barrow of Sadness

An incorrigible rogue and skillful trickster who can wrap anyone around his finger. Skilled in theft and robber, Gloum is not adverse to the lowest of deeds when gambling or a sweet bundle will encourage him into crime. This merciless swindler would rob a beggar and pickpocket a sleeping warrior.


Chigrik the Thief

 Glade of Dreams

The fraudster and rogue Chigrik is notorious in Faeo. This cunning magmar will go to any lengths to satisfy his greed, be it simple theft, armed attacks or kidnapping. Even his accomplices are afraid of Chigrik for he is well-known for his cool temper and unpredictability. His countless victims include both Magmars and Humans.


Marietta the Merry

Paradise Corner

No male is left indifferent by the captivating appearance and languid gaze of this femme fatale. Fellow villagers are forever gossiping about her love of forbidden pleasures, but this wild spirit pays no attention to them. The beauty accepts payment for the love she gives, but anyone who has visited her bed chambers will not spare any gold in order to return there.


Jolly Magdalen

Mentaliya Settlement

Just one glance at the wonderful body and beautiful face of Magdalen is enough to drive any man crazy. This liberated Magmar lady is well known for her free and easy attitude and she is never embarrassed by the rumours that go around the village about her. She leaves a trail of broken hearts wherever she goes, for she sees love as a skill and a way of earning money.


Forest Hermit

Azure Lagoon

The burden of repentance for long past mistakes weighed heavy on the hermit’s soul. Hoping to start afresh he drew a line under his former life, rejecting the name he was given at birth and taking refuge away from everyone in the impenetrable jungle of one of the tiny Isles of Swirling Mist.


Lake Hermit

Silent Cove

A terrible secret weighed heavily on the heart of the hermit. In an attempt to flee his past, which was becoming harder to bear, he rejected his former name and life in the city and decided to settle in one of the distant Isles of Swirling Mist near a freshwater forest lake.


Fergus the Pathfinder


Reckless tomb raider fearlessly launches himself on most dangerous adventures in a quest for treasure and rare artefacts. Fergus prefers exploring mountain caves and abandoned tombs alone, relying only on his wits, agility and unwavering luck which has never let the audacious pathfinder down.


Ortego the Pathfinder


Since he was a small child, Ortego was always fascinated by mysterious stories of dark tombs hidden deep within abandoned castles and confusing labyrinths of underground caves which hide unbelievable treasures. Daring and decisive, with time he has found his calling, becoming the most fearless and agile tomb raider at the Volcano's Edge.

March 2021


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