Ikvan the Peasant


A simple farmer, with an open soul and simple needs.


Ploughman Tadeuz

Sly Cove

A simple-natured ploughman who's not afraid of hard work; as such, he can single-handedly plough and sow an entire field. And when the golden ears ripen, he will harvest them all by himself. Tadeuz is proud of his farm, but neither does he neglect rest after a hard day's work, often spending his evenings over a mug of beer and friendly banter with his neighbours.


Veyko the Herdsman

 Glade of Oblivion

Good-natured village guy and nature-lover, he appreciates folk music and anything beautiful. All day long he tends cattle and plays his flute.


Baird the Seafarer

 Virigiya District

An experienced sailor, he is always keen to profit at somebody’s expense. A strict, no-nonsense man, hardened by fights at sea; he neither believes in weakness nor does he sympathise with the vulnerable.


Luc the Orphan

Gorge of Chernag

His parents gave their lives for the freedom of the Magmar nation and Luc has been living alone ever since.


Sugor the Minstrel

   Gorge of Chernag

He was a brave seaman once and he made himself famous by daring exploits, he is now a wandering minstrel, singing about adventures on the high seas and drinking his favourite pear wine.



Seymour the Sailor

County Vurdaliya

The strong hands of this experienced sailor have a tight hold of the ship wheel, for he has many years of sailing behind him. This old sea wolf has been in all kinds of scrapes from destructive storms to floods, but Seymour has always had his wits about him.



Elza the Refugee

  Ancestral Mountains

A wretched Magmar who has come to the north from lands in the far south. Her whole family perished in a bloody war which has been raging in her homeland for several years already. Elza was forced to leave her home and flee and she is now seeking refuge and protection within the walls of the capital.



Samvel the Ferryman

  Bottomless Lake

As far back as he can remember, Samvel has always ferried those who wanted to get from one side of the lake to the other. After all, all men in his family have always had close ties with water. The boatman has always felt at peace. The ferry gave him something to do and there was always someone to talk to. The guard, who lives nearby, is the only person with whom he couldn’t find a connection. They always make fun of each other.



Bamba the Boatman

  Silty Weir

A long time ago Bamba's great-grandfather sailed across vast oceans on his ship. His grandfather and father were seamen as well, which is what lead Bamba to find a job on the ferry. Anything to keep him close to water. However, the boatman has no time for dreams of vast oceans or stories about epic storms and sea battles which were told to him by his ancestors. He is too preoccupied with the mock fight he has going with the patrolman.




  City Fair

The wilful Nadilarie feels right at home amidst the bustling fair crowd. Clever and seductive, the beauty is equally capable of picking the pocket of a distracted patron or haggling with a merchant for some trinket which catches her eye. Brazen like the free wind, the girl goes where she wants and does as she pleases, and doesn't answer to anyone.



Sheamus the Joker

  City Fair

The local busybodies love to gossip about Sheamus behind his back. For in all his years he has never married. This eternal bachelor does not have time to find somebody to love because he spends all his time at the City Fair entertaining passers-by with his songs and tricks.



Juminja the Slave

  Bringers of Evil Den

An unfortunate prisoner who was kidnapped from her home by Fanatic, the cruel leader of the Bringers of Evil. Taken by force to the Bringers of Evil Den, the poor girl has to serve all the clan members, but she does not forget where she came from and remains haughty, thus showing her enmity towards her so-called masters.



Rolfi the Frail

  Suburbs of Waltreia

Rolfi have always dreamt about being a great warrior, but even in his youth he understood that he was doomed to languish in the Suburbs of Waltreia forever. Over the years he became a bit of a coward and a braggart, and volunteered for the job in the sentry tower just to steal some glory for himself. Now he watches over his home settlement trying to fight his bouts of vertigo, enemies and monsters.



Hogrik the Fearful

  Greerwood Village

Hogrik spent all of his life in the Greerwood Village, and ever since he was little he dreamt to be as famous as the heroes of the old. Constantly plagued by his desire to be in the centre of attention, Hodrik became a suspicious and vain bigmouth. Now Hogrik, who proclaimed himself the lone protector of the village people, looks out over his home settlement for enemies and monsters from the top of the sentry tower.



Captain Bartolo

  Virigiya District
Ashduur Cove

A brave captain who has eaten more than a sack of sea salt in his time. He isn’t used to being discouraged. He believes in the possibility of finding a way out of any situation. And if you feel afraid of hardship, then sit in your burrow on the land and don't venture out onto the water!



Captain Spork

  County Vurdaliya
Ashduur Cove

A seasoned sailor, who is difficult to surprise in any way. He's seen the sunsets and sunrises on the most distant of islands, and he's used to eating anything that grows or runs, if necessary. He has this motto: "As long as we’re not right at the bottom, we swim. When we’re at the bottom, we float upwards".




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