Wild Forest

Frogg the Wood-goblin is wicked forest spirit, he entices travellers into the thicket, kidnaps children and young girls, causes diseases, takes one’s sanity away.



Sorena the Mermaid

 Lumirya Waterfall

Daughter of the water, a fairytale beauty with golden hair, she will carry any gaping traveller off into the aqueous abyss. 



Maeli the Mermaid

 Sly Cove

The marsh mermaid, charming and cold, but beware, if she doesn't like you she can drive you to insanity just by looking into your eyes.


Smurri the Dwarf

Village Angriyar

He is a merry fellow and a practical joker, he is a bit of a show-off, but where he goes the laughter follows.



Serafim the Gnome

 Forgotten Mines

At first sight he seems to be a usual Dwarf - moody and grumbling, but when you get to know him you will find him wise and talented. After all he did manage to grow a flower garden of amazing beauty in a mine, where not a single ray of Sun penetrates.




 Plateau of Silence

A two-headed giant, clumsy but invincible and unbelievably strong, Gizedor never parts with his weapon: the cudgel. He is no intellectual by any means, and speaks the language only he can understand. His favourite cuisine is the Atshi Bat.



Furratsy the Pixie

 Wolf Wasteland

She lives in swamps. She is a bundle of mischief! she likes to stay awake at night and spin laces, which she then uses to trap unsuspecting travellers in.



Salamander Elverding

Grotto Maettro

Born of fire, this beautiful creature has inherited the element's fervent heart, lively mind and unbridled temperament. Elegant and withdrawn, the salamander takes pleasure in observing others, but a watchful eye can still see the occasional shade of sadness flit across her lovely face.



Katiput the Serf

  Paradise Corner

This unhappy oppressed creature, has fallen into the servitude to the Squire, when evil spiders destroyed his entire his family and overrun his house. He lives in the booth and attends to his master's wishes



Great Lizard

Barrow of Death

One of the most mysterious creatures in the world that does not belong to any of the races known to have ever lived in Faeo. Information about the Great Lizard is so scarce and so few humans and magmars have seen it that the sometimes the question arises as to whether it actually exists or not.



Tatlie the Wise

Daigon Islands

The old dweller of the Isles of Swirling Mist still remembers the days when the snow-white castle of Unarius was inhabited, for it was precisely thanks to his master Tatli's magic that he has become a sentient being, endowed with the gift of telepathy. Ignoring his wild siblings completely, the wise Daigon prefers to contemplate the hollowness of life in solitude.




Personal Estate during "October - Halloween" event

A tiny Atshi Bat, who once lived in the hut of an old witch, has hidden in the Estate on the eve of the Night of the Grinning Pumpkin. The clever little bat knows how to scare off evil spirits, and, to thank his hosts for their shelter and protect their domain during Nightmare Week, he will teach them to grow fat vegetables and carve evil faces on them.



Forest Eldrick

Personal Estate during "Decmeber - Wintertime in Faeo" event

Legend tells that each tree has a tiny aerial guardian - an eldrick, hiding in a hollow of a tree or high up in the branches away from prying eyes of simple mortals. The winged creature never leaves its cosy home, taking care of the tree up until the day it withers and dies.



Mysterious Envoy



A mysterious stranger, who conceals his face and his name. His clothes have become shabby from long travels, but his posture seems to indicate a noble origin. Who is it? An impressive exile? A fugitive criminal? A wandering mage? Or perhaps, an envoy for a higher power?





The Stone Golem, created by an unknown mage-inventor to design and a build a majestic city and fortress in Otherworld. Once the inhabitants of the world had left it, the Architect was the only reasonable creature left in the ruins of the old city.


March 2021


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