The History of the Forbidden City


On that fateful day when miners of humans and Magmars discovered the forced settlement at the foot of the volcano and in the mountains the secret passage to the cave of the corrupting spring, the Zarlog people had to convene a secret council.


They had the obligation to decide what had to be done to prevent the unknown horror from escaping from the depths of the labyrinths in the mountains through the excessive curiosity of the miners. From an argument they realised the truth and at dawn it was decided. According to the will of the council, thirty of the best warriors in the land were to leave their homes forever and build a fortress on the slopes of the high mountains near the dark forces. The lives of these most able warriors were sacrificed to become guardians of the evil sleeping in the earth and to do all they could to prevent the darkness from escaping.


The existence of the forbidden city was kept secret and no one should dare to approach its borders. For if anyone should catch sight of the city walls, either deliberately or by chance, he or she would be killed immediately. It did not matter whether it was a brave warrior or an innocent child.


This cruelty was a necessary measure to keep the dark forces inside the mountain. The group of Zarlog warriors who received the order moved slowly towards the mysterious cave that gaped on the slope of the gorge. They carried out the order devotedly, ever aware that on their perseverance and steadfastness depended the fate of their homeland and perhaps even the whole world.



Many years have passed since then.... The Zarlog who were present in this important council have long since died and the secret knowledge of the forbidden city they have taken with them to their graves. Only fragments of the legends have been passed on to their descendants. But not all secrets are destined to remain hidden forever. Some must be revealed...


After some time, humans and Magmars discovered an ancient passageway in a small cave leading to the forbidden city ... but the city lay in ruins. But despite the fact that most of the fortifications and once majestic buildings were destroyed, it seems that the village was only plunged into deadly sleep, for the descendants of the Zarlog warriors, still protect the borders of the city. They are fearless and fierce warriors, still ready to fight off anyone who dares to enter the Forbidden City. But there is something frightening in their shape and their icy gaze, something that compels even the few Zarlog who saw them to regard the inhabitants of the mountain settlement as strangers....



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