Inhabitants of Ergam


Lady Mary


 Ergam city square

The last of the Penitent - the warriors of the Church of Dawn, who have taken an oath to protect the peaceful residents of Ergam from the spirits of the labyrinth. However, she hides a terrible secret. And it is because of this secret that Lady Mary keeps vigil at the entrance to the tomb of Celeste, thereby forever atoning for her guilt.



Confessor Emiria


 Cathedral of Dawn

The supreme head of the Church of Dawn, also unofficially serving as the ruler of Ergam. A calm, judicious and fair woman, yet at the same time fervently and earnestly following the tenets of her faith. Once she was one of the finest beauties in the city, but when she became a Confessor she disfigured her face with boiling oil so that her beauty would not overshadow her virtues and lead the faithful into temptation. Since then, Emiria became truly respected by her parishioners and was given the nickname the Mother with the Burnt Face.



Gelamber the Chronicler


 City Archive

The chief keeper of the annals and historical chronicles of Ergam. Despite his advanced age, he has retained a clear sharp mind, and his knowledge is the envy of the living. None of the townsfolk know his exact life story and lineage. Some even say that the Chronicler was born with the city itself. However, Gelamber is completely indifferent to rumors - he observes what is going on from the great height of his wisdom, immerses himself in the study of the ancient manuscripts and feels no pressure to take part in the lives of his kinfolk. Yet, if a visitor really gets his interest, Gelamber is ready to turn the most cherished pages of the secret texts for them.



Flynn the Marauder


 Tavern "The Last Abode"

The leader of a squad of marauders and grave diggers who proudly take the name of the Labyrinth Explorers. He and his lads are the only ones able to enter the Labyrinth and make it back out alive, grabbing some of the exciting stuff they find there. A streetwise, cynical fellow, but quite friendly in conversation. He does not care about keeping neat appearances and loves his liquor, but he’s also quite intelligent, as he is credited with inventing the Improviser.



Raynar der Händler



Even in the fearsome Labyrinth, populated by ghosts and monsters, there is a merchant! Of course, old Raynar has come to regret winding up in this deadly place - and many times over - but he wouldn’t miss out on the benefits, even in such a situation. A traveler can always buy some rather rare potions from his place, and those would be eminently useful when battling local creatures.



Statue of Unknown Woman



An ancient statue, standing in one of the halls of the Labyrinth. Time has worn away the inscription on the base, so now it is impossible to know who is honored by this statue. Perhaps it is some powerful goddess, secretly worshiped in the past by the inhabitants of Ergam, who turned their backs on the dominant Sun cult.




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