Navigator Luran

Gryphon Crossing

The brave Luran is the only warrior among the humans that has managed to tame and conquer a terrible gryphon. A skilled navigator, who together with his loyal winged friend helps the residents of Ogriy travel through the ancient lock, which is teeming with fierce gargoyles, in return for a small fee for this priceless service.


Vezur the Navigator

Wyvern Crossing

This fearless warrior was the first magmar earn the respect of and saddle a fierce wyvern. He is an excellent rider who has trained the winged creature himself and offers his services as a navigator to Khair warriors wanting to cross the ancient lock, which is inhabited by bloodthirsty gargoyles.


Sweet Mila

Village of Kingala

A charming girl that has dedicated hear life to nurturing pets. She dotes on each of her wards and knows every nuance about feeding and raising each of them. Sweet Mila prepares her little pets for adult life, taming the boisterous nature of some of them and drawing others out of their shells. In the future these pets should not only look good for their masters, but also be of service in combat.


Bonna Benita

Village Angriyar

Despite her external cordiality and kindness, this tutor of pets can be very strict and inflexible. Benita adores her little monsters and knows the predilections and character traits of each of them. It is because of this that her wards become not only loyal friends, but also excellent allies in battle.

February 2021


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