Elder Baguron

 City Square

The Elder of Humans, the grey-haired old man whose eyes reflect the wisdom of his race. He has seen much during his life and has survived wars and disasters, but he is still full of life and has ideas on how to make life better in the world of Faeo.


Chief Kort

 Settlement of Klesva

Chief Kort is a courageous ruler of the large Human settlement of Klesva. After gaining fame as fearless soldier, who is always in the front line of the attacking troops, even experienced veteran magmar warriors were wary of him. Kort is a good strategist and a talented executive.


Elder Verkiry

 City Square

The Elder of Magmars, this gloomy bald old man is grumbler and a bore, but he is also a  great patriot of his nation and of the world Faeo. In the past he was a good commander, now he is the mentor of Magmar warriors


Chief Torgor

 Settlement of Chernag

Chief Torgor is a powerful warrior and a surprisingly good administrator. He has successfully managed the large settlement of Chernag for many years. Living far from the capital he treats that the settlement is if it belongs to him and he is the only ruler. His subjects respect and adore him.


Ruler Pireney

 Settlement of Buimar

Head of the settlement of Buimar He is a wise old man who has served his people honourably his whole life. He is well respected, his advice is always followed  and arguments are rare.


Ruler Onufir

 Fort Dybrach

Looking after Fort Dybrach is Ruler Onufir, an imperious and sometimes inflexible, but always fair Magmar. He can equally well lead the soldiers into battles or resolve the everyday problems of the fort.


Chooray the Warden

Outskirts of the Silent Steppe

The thrifty and savvy Choorayhas for many years served as warden in a small village at the Outskirtsof the Silent Steppe. Not afraid of hard work he works on the field alongside his fellow villagers and has good reasons to: Chooray loves the land as if it were his own child and it repays him with rich harvests.


Bratwill the Brave


Decisive and far-sighted beyond his years, Bratwell has repeatedly proven in combat that he is able to defend his people and Waltreia, which has been entrusted to his care.


Erding the Undaunted


The seep scar that has forever changed the face of the young warrior, makes him look even more fierce. Taciturn and decisive, Erding knows no fear and is the constant defender of his people and of Rumengild.


Wise Melvin

Suburbs of Waltreia

Looking back on his long life, this grey-haired old man does not have any regrets. Losing his father when he was still young, he took on the responsibility of looking after the inhabitants of the village. Gradually the wise won the respect of the villagers with his unbending will, intelligence and ability to resolve any problem.


Fair Irestion

Greerwood Village

Many years have passed since the day when Irestion was elected to the city council as head of the community, but in all those years there has not been any cause to reproach the Magmar for laziness or hasty decision making. The wise warden´s chief concern is the wellbeing and safety of his village, which is why the local inhabitants love and respect him.


Explorer Sarpen

Sarpen´s Camp

Do not let the smile on Sarpen´s bearded face fool you, because it is not just a legendary explorer you are looking at, but also a ruthless treasure hunter. They say Sarpen used to be a common marauder, but years of adventures and treasure hunting made him one of the best in the field. Sarpen can determine the origins and age of anything he discovers at a glance, and woe to those who try to sell him a fake! Rulers value Sarpen for his iron grip and broad scientific mind, so needless to say, there is no one better to head this expedition.


Explorer Pelanir

Pelanir´s Camp

An arrogant and calculating Magmar named Pelanir looks nothing like the scientists the residents of Faeo are used to. Which is not surprising at all: Pelanir´s thirst for knowledge has always gone hand-in-hand with cupidity. Any crime lord would envy his contacts with smugglers, mercenaries and thieves. Even rulers always welcome him. At the helm of an expedition composed of shady dealers of all kinds, Pelanir feels completely at ease - none of his subordinates will dare hide any discovery of value from him. At times, there is a fleeting, dreamy look on Pelanir´s face, but Sheara knows what he thinks about: new discoveries or his profits.


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