Samary the Antiquarian


  Outskirts of Klesva

Samary earns his living by selling and exchanging of various magic and sorcerer's artefacts. In it it is possible to find the most amazing items, which Samary would happily sell or exchange for something of equal value.



Menachem the Antique Dealer

  Valley of Fire

Menachem the Antique Dealer is a very enterprising Magmar, who earns his living by trading in rare magic artefacts He is very well-known and successful in this business, and there is no other expert equal to him in the breadth and depth of knowledge in the World of Faeo.



Squire Voldemar

  Paradise Corner

Good luck turned this simple peasant into a landowner. Voldemar found treasure and this allowed him to obtain his own land and hire a trading ship so as to conduct business overseas and multiply his wealth.



Galash the Merchant

  County Vurdaliya

Born to a family of simple blacksmiths, Galash always felt his origins and poverty to be a burden that held him back. After refusing to continue in the family business, he broke ties with his relations once and for all and went off to travel the world. In the end, he chose a profession that was more to his liking and became a merchant and displayed skill, and a keen sense for all the things that he traded. He is now one of the most prosperous members of the Magmar nobility, and even owns his own ship.



Grildo the Trader

  O’Delvays Square

The cunning goblin runs the Joke Shop, mercilessly tricking simpletons and fawning over powerful warriors. There is high demand for wondrous goods so Grildo does not sell anything cheaply. The people of Faeo do not like to associate with the greedy merchant, so Grildo prefers to exchange his enchanted wonders for Signs of Friendship, rather than regular coins.



Mukhmor the Trader

  Dartrong Square

A shrewd operator and major skinflint, Mukhmor is known among the goblin tribe for his accumulated wealth. More than anything else in the world the unpleasant merchant, who has no close associates, values Signs of Friendship, which warriors give to their comrades from time to time. Mukhmor accumulates these beautiful emblems, and exchanges all sorts of goblin goods for them.



Roderick the Trader

  City Fair

An enterprising trader, who opened a small shop on the instructions of the authorities in the capital and buys used equipment from experienced warriors. Roderick's sons plan to become warriors, which the trader is immensely proud about.



Guido the Trader

  City Fair

Upon finding out that the authorities were planning to open a shop in the city fair to buy used equipment from experienced warriors, the resourceful trader offered straight away to run such a shop. Guido's sons are growing and they will soon become defenders of the motherland.



Shrewd the Merchant


Military service has never appealed to Tero. He has always been extremely practical and entrepreneurial. When he has barely reached adulthood, he set out to travel the world, and when he returned to his home town of Rumengild he opened up a small shop. The merchant has taken great care to study the tastes and needs of the locals, and his business has been prospering. The shop is always full of customers eager to buy and order goods.



Sedrick the Merchant


When he was a little boy, he managed to get hired as an assistant to a travelling salesman. Thanks to this job he has travelled across half the world and learnt to differentiate the quality of most varied goods without error. Since the merchant had not children of his own, Sedrick inherited the profitable business and settled down in his home town of Waltreia where his business continues to prosper. Even now customers from all ends of the Meridian Lands come to his shop.



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