The Chosen

White Castle

Imbued from birth with unbelievable power and a keen sense of justice, Asseliander decided voluntarily to remain in Faeo along with his two comrades when the Chosen departed from this world. Even after several centuries, the powerful lord remains true to his ideals.



White Castle

Outcast by the Chosen for his unwillingness to leave Faeo, the powerful sorcerer was forced to part from his people forever. But Ulvarno retained the priceless experience and knowledge of the magic arts of his great race, to become the only one in Faeo competent in magic of a higher order.



White Castle

One of three representatives of the Chosen that refused to leave Faeo many centuries ago, in order to write the history of this world and observe its life. Wise and prudent, he spends much time reading volumes, increasing his already inexhaustible knowledge.



March 2021


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